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Professional Questionnaire

Aleu.Co is not only focused on client relationships, but we also care about our team! The founders come from running businesses since 2005 and believe deeply in a culture that you treat your team like they are your clients. When your team is happy, your clients will be happy as well. Aleu.Co is continually focused on enhancing client relationships through business savvy, creative energy, cutting-edge ideas and valued relationships. We are not afraid to make changes as the industry and the world changes. That is how you stay afloat.


If you’re interested in taking a next step in your career to grow with Aleu.Co, please fill out this questionnaire and your application will be reviewed.

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Please answer your questions as thoroughly as possible.

  1. How long have you been working as a beauty pro?

2. Why Are you passionate about what you do?

3. Have you ever worked as a mobile stylist before?

4. Tell us about your proudest industry moment?

5. What's your favorite way to stay up to date on the latest beauty trends?

6. What, would you say, is the most important thing to remember when working with a new client?

7. If a client requests a look unsuited for them, how would you proceed?

8. If you were already booked for a certain timeslot, and you get another client with a larger party willing to pay more, how would you proceed?

9. Describe your best practices for rectifying a client who is unhappy with thier look.

10. Describe your color-match process and how you decide if the color is correct for your client.

11. Describe your skin and/or hair prep process and the products you use to achieve results

12. Describe your sanitation processes

13. What products, brands and tools do you keep in your kit?

14. How much time do you require per person?

15. We are completely mobile, do you have a reliable transportation?

16. What are your typical rates for your work? Please be detailed.

17. What is your current schedule like, and what is your availability?

18. When can you start?

19. How did you hear about us?

Application has been submitted!

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