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3 Jennifer Anniston's Best Haircut to Make You Rachel in Real Life

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

The all-time TV season, Friends, is famous for more than just Chandler’s jokes and Ross’s divorces. While the makers wanted to give people a dramatic storyline and something to laugh about, all audiences drooled over was Rachel’s hair. And not just for one or two seasons, but for the whole 10 seasons. Isn't it surprising?

Rachel truly played with her hair a lot. From adding extensions to making shoulder-level haircuts, the variety of the hair is unmatchable. But who has time to binge-watch all 10 seasons again to find the perfect one?

Well, you do not have to worry about it anymore. Read the article ahead to find out the best Rachel hair that will suit everyone.

Here are the three all-time favorites Jennifer Anniston haircuts to make you Rachel in real-life:

Shoulder-length bob haircut

This is not your ordinary shoulder-length haircut that every salon does. Instead, it is the infamous “The Rachel” haircut. This bob cut got famous for its shoulder-skimming length, golden streaks, and swishy layers that every salon now follows.

This chic haircut first made its appearance in season 1 and people got crazy about it. And why not, this classy hairstyle is all in one offer. The volume of the hair and sassy movements is all the girls want in a haircut, and this cut offers more than that.

Despite all the love, Anniston never liked her haircut. She stated it as one of the ugliest hair she had ever seen. But it's too late for you, Jen. The world has already become obsessed with these bob haircuts.

Hair Extensions

Jen has always been versatile with her outfit and hair, especially in Friends. Season 6 took a new turn in the famous series, and not storywise, but for Jen’s haircut wise. She ditched all her mundane short hair and made an appearance with sleek long hair extensions. They had a middle parting and went all the way to the lower back.

Furthermore, the chic brown color with a silky flat look enhanced the hairstyle. You might be wondering how someone can nail flat hair, after all, flat hair is a nightmare. But let us not forget, she is Jennifer Anniston. She can nail everything that comes in front of her.

Wavy hair edition

There is a reason we say Rachel is unmatchable. The stunning actress is not just famous for pulling straight hair. She also played with wavy hair for a few seasons, which got as famous as the previous ones.

Season 7 was supposed to be famous for Monica and Chandler’s wedding. After all, it was the most unpredictable event. But who had thought in their wildest dreams that Rachel’s wavy hair would steal the thunder?

That’s right. The wavy hair Rachel appeared with got famous for its sleek and trendy style. The longer look with more towards the messier side enhanced the look. Moreover, the middle parting was a cherry on top.

For those who have straight sleek hair and using a curling iron, every day is not an option, you can ditch the natural hair with curly hair extensions. They are not just easy to use but give you the same chic look Rachel flaunts every time.


Have you ever found yourself sitting in the salon and thinking about the perfect hairstyle? In that moment of sheer, you might be wondering, what would Rachel do?

Well, we have solved all the mysteries and confusions. Blindly pick any of the above hairstyles and be the next Rachel in your generation.

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