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4 Best Nude Lip Shades To Amp Up Your Beauty Game

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

We all are well aware that fashion and beauty trends change every year. Except for a few who like innovations, it is nothing but a hassle for all. Getting a perfect shade that matches us is not an easy task to do. And now that the trend has changed from bold lip colors to nude ones, it has become a lot more challenging.

There is no denying that bold lip colors give freshness to our faces effortlessly. But you have to put in a lot of effort with nude ones. And what can we possibly do, after all, nude lip colors are the new trend. To solve all your queries, we have saved you from trouble. These 4 nude shades are a must-have in your beauty bag.

Here are 4 lip shades to elevate your makeup game:

1. Nude Brown

The concept of a nude color started with nude brown lip color, thus, it has to be on top of the list. Although many people are scared to flaunt this shade but trust me, it can become your go-to shade in no time. If you have put a little bit of a concealer and light pink blush, this brown nude color should be your go-to.

The problem arises when people just blindly pick up the shade. Brown nude shade comes in different sub-shades too. Thus, you have to pick your preference and the one that suits you best. For those who are too lazy to wander around the markets, here is your shade. This incredible shade goes perfectly with every skin tone.