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4 Makeup Tips For Older Women

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

It is the hope of everyone to live long enough to enjoy their ripe old age. Being old, in no way means one should stop trying to stay beautiful. Deciding on the best makeup to use varies from skin to skin, age difference, skin color, nature of the face, and lots more. Not all kinds of makeup are suitable for older women. Here are some makeup tips for the gorgeous older women out there.

· Always apply your cream and oil upward

If you intend to fight back those wrinkles or deep expression lines, gently blend your creams, serums, and oils, from the center of your face upward and outward. Do this for every part of your face to make sure that the products are properly melted, and would eventually minimize the downward pull of your face and give you that radiant and youthful look.

You can always use a cream blush in place of powder since it gives a natural glow to your face.