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4 Makeup Tips For Older Women

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

It is the hope of everyone to live long enough to enjoy their ripe old age. Being old, in no way means one should stop trying to stay beautiful. Deciding on the best makeup to use varies from skin to skin, age difference, skin color, nature of the face, and lots more. Not all kinds of makeup are suitable for older women. Here are some makeup tips for the gorgeous older women out there.

· Always apply your cream and oil upward

If you intend to fight back those wrinkles or deep expression lines, gently blend your creams, serums, and oils, from the center of your face upward and outward. Do this for every part of your face to make sure that the products are properly melted, and would eventually minimize the downward pull of your face and give you that radiant and youthful look.

You can always use a cream blush in place of powder since it gives a natural glow to your face.

· Always use a makeup sponge to moisturize your face

The use of makeup sponge always helps reduce that excess makeup that settles in your lines and also moisturizes your face to give you a smooth look. The makeup sponge should be used after, and not during the makeup. You can use them to lighten any makeup overdose, or simply retouch your makeup.

When choosing your lipstick, always choose one that moisturizes your skin. This will give you an even and smooth coverage. This doesn't apply to lipstick only. You should try using more oil-based makeup products as they will nourish your skin, and envelope you in a beautiful sheen.

· Create a fake eyelid crease

When your eyes start getting hooded or saggy as a result of aging, causing your eyelids to have little space, don't panic. Simply start applying darker shades on your lids and blend them from your lash line upward, over your original crease. This will make your eye shape look bigger and stronger.

Also, brighten the under of your eyes. This will give you a younger and smoother look. Using a lid primer is also advisable as it evens out your upper eye and gives you a bright-eyed look.

· Avoid the use of heavy foundation

It is always better for older women to use concealers instead of applying a heavy foundation. All you need to do get a very good concealer brand. It doesn't only all kinds of discoloration, but it will also last all day long. Also, try to exfoliate your skin to avoid those dry patches or dead skin as they won't give you that flawless makeup look.

These few tips will really help you achieve that gorgeous, young look. Take note and work with them, and you will love the outcome. It is always better to let the professionals handle your make up though, as they know what is best for you. If you are in need of a makeup artist in Las Vegas, Aleu.Co is always here for you. Contact us today at for your makeup and hairstyling services for weddings, birthday parties, photoshoot sessions, and other special events.

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