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5 Off-The-Runway Makeup Looks To Rock This Summer

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

This summer there is a different vibe in the fashion industry’s makeup department. All the brands let their inner artist out and got very creative. The way they set the stage this time was like a play coming to life, the makeup looks of each model were works of art.

The makeup looks were truly something spectacular and worthy of drooling over. Influencers and women all over the world are dying to copy and try out these innovative new looks and make them their own. If you aren’t up to date yet about the Off runway makeup looks to rock this summer yet then keep reading to see the top 5.

Top 5 Makeup Looks To Rock This Summer

1. Minimalist Is Best

The no-makeup look has made its’ nest and is here to stay. Minimalistic makeup is the best kind of makeup. The dewy look, with your face in its most natural outlook, is the best. After all its’ high time before we started appreciating our face, without the need for any other product.

2. The Liner And Lips Is All You Need

Marc Jacobs was one of the stylists that weaponized that black liner and red lipstick look. The cat eyes, the hooded lids, and sexy red lips is a powerhouse look. It shows the world that the future is female, and women are ready to take over. It’s simple yet unique in a way that it allows every woman to make them look their own.

3. Different Era Eyes Are All The Rage

One of the most famous runway makeup looks in the summer of 2021 is the different era eyes. All the most famous eras’ are being broadcasted on the eyes. Sounds gaudy? Trust us, it isn’t! These new makeup looks to take us back to all the fun times, through every era. From the Egyptian princess Cleopatra to the gogo girls of the ’70s, every makeup look that ever became famous is beautifully represented.

4. Tie-Dye And Pastel Eyes Are A True Thing Of Beauty

Another type of makeup look that’s all the rage is the Euphoria style. Glitter, teardrops, rainbows, tie-dyes, and stickers on the face, is a new and expressive fashion that has truly taken the fashion industry by storm. Many have thrown away traditional styles of makeup and adopted no-makeup looks with gorgeous, yet expressive eyes. Eyes are the windows to the souls, but makeup has truly made a representation of the soul that can’t be ignored.

5. Modern Sculptures Are The New Black

Last but certainly not least, is the modern sculpture makeup look. Architectural eyebrows, winged eyeliners with soft eyes, and bold lips are some of the most enigmatic makeup looks of the season. It’s both and bold and beautiful.

Final Thoughts

These looks are just the crème de la crème of makeup looks. If you don’t find your personality in these then you will in others. This summer is certainly going to be one to remember for us all


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