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5 Wedding Day Checklists for Brides-to-Be

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Due to the unfortunate Coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic, many couples have been forced to indefinitely postpone their wedding celebration. If you happen to be one of the couples forced to push forward your wedding date, we’ve got great news for you today.

As annoying and helpless the situation may seem, you really don’t have to give up. There’s a silver lining in this dark cloud because you now have you even more time to prepare for a flawless wedding ceremony. Instead of halting your wedding plans, why not keep yourself busy by perfecting those plans, and making those last-minute preparations as you await your big day. Here are some wedding checklists you must attend to.

· Put together your bridal emergency kit

This is very important to you as a bride on your wedding day, as you need to be as comfortable as possible to enjoy every bit of your wedding celebration. Some of the contents of your bridal emergency kit should include some makeup items, a bottle of water and snacks, hairpins and ties.

Don’t forget combs and hairspray, tissues, tampons, body spray, first aid medications, and whatever items you think might come in handy during the wedding too. One or more of these items could be a lifesaver at the end of the day.

· Start packing for your honeymoon

You don’t want to pack your honeymoon luggage in haste, do you? Well then now’s the right time to start packing. That way, you don’t forget any important item or pack the wrong things. is the right time since to do this.

· Finalize arrangements with your wedding vendors

Make sure that all arrangements with your photographers, videographers, wedding favor companies, caterers, florists, and all other vendors are finalized before your wedding. You don’t have to wait till the last minute before making necessary confirmation.

· Ensure that your dress, shoe, and other accessories are available

Now is the right time to check out your wedding dress, shoes, veils, and any other accessories. Replace whatever needs replacements, ensure that your dress is still your size, and all your accessories are in perfect shape for the wedding. Don’t wait till it is too late before checking these items lest you suffer problems.

· Confirm your appointment with your makeup artist

This is one aspect of your wedding planning you don’t want to joke with. While making all these arrangements, don’t forget to book a session and confirm your appointment with your makeup artist as they alone can give you that beautiful bridal look on your wedding day.

Do you live within or around Nevada, Las Vegas, and are searching for a makeup artist? What are you waiting for? Kindly contact us today at to book your bridal makeup and hairstyling session. Do ensure that you and your loved ones stay safe and remain protected through this trying period.

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