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7 Trending Bridal Hairstyles of 2023

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Every girl dreams of being the perfect bride. This needs to exude from the minutest elements of the outfit, the makeup, the shoes, and most importantly the hair. As they say, never underestimate the power of a good hair day! If you are getting married and are looking to decide the different ways to style your tresses, then we have you covered.

Here are some of the trending bridal hairstyles of 2023, that are sure to make heads turn, and give your bridal look the finesse it deserves.

1- Waterfall Braid Waves:

Pinterest loves it and so do we. This is such a versatile hairdo. No matter the length of your hair, be it long or short, this hits the home run every time. It adds volume, character and so much effortless drama. The waterfall braid is also extremely elegant and easy to carry.

2- Twisted Floral Bun:

Want to go classic? What better than a bun! But, we are giving it the 22 edge, by adding twists and texture to the hair, to give it volume and depth. This hairstyle is for all those brides who want their shoulders and neckline to stand out. A beautiful addition to this could be some dainty flowers.

3- Baby's Breath Braid:

If you are a minimalist yet intricate bride, then this hairstyle is your bet. You could go for a pulled apart braid, or bun and delicately accessorize the texture with baby's breath flowers. It is really trending this wedding season, and is sure to give your hair an elevated elegance of sorts.

4- Disney Princess Braids:

Time to channelise your inner Jasmine and go for that voluminous and beautiful braid. Add some braiding to your crown and make it more dramatic. If you want a hairstyle that looks amazing and can remain put even after a night of dancing, then this is it.

5- Open Hair with Cornrow Braids:

This has to be our most favorite open haired option. This can single-handedly look so chic yet manageable. Generally brides try to abstain from open hair options, because they don't want their face framing to go for a toss, but this hairstyle saves you the horror of constant touch-ups. These cornrows create a statement hairdo like no other. They stay put, and look amazing.

6- Waves with a Centre Crown:

If you want your hairstyle to have a character centerpiece, then this is your pick. You can take any bejeweled accessory like a crown, or a floral headband, and create soft, romantic curls around it. You could take it from anywhere between a princess vibe to a bohemian Bella!

7- Bubble Curls:

For our brides, who have hair textures that are naturally thin and soft, then this is a game changer. These bubble curls will add so much volume an weight to your hair, and give it a unique uplift. You could then style it in a bun, a twisted hand hairdo, or a pulled apart braid. Though, we love the bubble braid bun option. They are a match made in heaven.

We hope that you have the wedding of your dreams and are sure that you will be a head-turner! Make your day extra special by zeroing down on the style vibe that you are aiming for and we are sure that you will be a dainty diva on your D-Day!

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