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8 At-Home Spa Services You Can Do Yourself

During this time of quarantine and chill, we start neglecting self-care. With the economy the way it is and with the super strict guidelines and closings, we know the importance of maintaining our physical and mental health. So, how can you help yourself?


We are here to the rescue! Seriously, we are beauty experts with a few tricks up our sleeves. Here's how you can pamper yourself while in the comfort of your own home...


Ready to have plump and youthful skin again? Then this is for you. The benefits of dermarolling are endless. If you need a skin-boost, aid to acne scars or pores, or a glow, you can't go wrong here. These handy rollers have superficial, tiny needles that puncture your skin's outer layer, ultimately initiating the skin's healing process. You will regenerate new skin and produce collagen and elastin. Before using, make sure to cleanse your face. Then roll, roll, roll. After using, perhaps opt for a serum less invasive than products containing retinol. Opt for a Vitamin C serum instead. Results are seen within days!


Have you taken a good, hard look at your dry hair lately? You can thank Coronavirus for shutting down the salons. Your head needs a little TLC at this point. Consider using a hair mask to nourish and hydrate your dull hair; it only takes 30 minutes. Not only does it help your hair, but it also helps your scalp. Hair masks differ from standard conditioners because they work a little harder. They are packed full of nutrients that nourish and hydrate your hair. Wave goodbye to damaged hair and embrace a shiny, gorgeous transformation!


Aaaahhh... the best way to clear your mind and open your pores. With facial steaming, you will soften pores and loosen buildup within the skin. This makes it much easier to remove stubborn blackheads. Your skin will feel and look replenished in no time. With clean pores, your skin has an easier time absorbing skin creams or serums. Oh - and guess what? Breathing in steam aids with congestion. Feeling drowsy? Close your eyes and inhale. Facial steaming has numerous benefits for the mind, body, and soul!


Three words - You need this. Exfoliate your skin by dry brushing and remove dead skin right away. It's as easy as it sounds. Go over your body with a dry brush to help blood circulation. Some people even add a bit of body oil onto the brush for extra nutrients for their skin. Your body will thank you!


Kick back, relax, and indulge in a mini facial at home. Choose a natural face mask or peel and leave it on - heck, leave it on while watching your favorite show on Netflix. Depending on your skin type, you might choose one based on oily, dry, or combination skin. They dive deeper into the skin and instantaneously leave it feeling refreshed and softer.


A quick and easy recipe for a lip scrub: Coconut oil, honey, and Vitamin E oil. This will exfoliate and soften your lips immediately! Flakey, chapped lips are irritating. Smoother lips means smoother application of lipsticks. It's a win-win. Lip scrubbing is highly underrated. It's an essential part of a beauty regimen, especially during cold seasons! Make sure your perfect pout is selfie-ready anytime, anywhere.


Don't you dare leave the house with puffy eyes. Okay - yes, you might be tired, but you don't have to let it show! Say hello to a simple solution. The skin under your eyes is delicate and requires a little extra attention. Puffiness, dark circles, and texture changes are a pain. There are various types out there, all with miracle-working benefits. Some are filled with retinol to help wrinkles, others contain collagen to plump your skin, and some even have algae to soothe puffiness. Another bonus, they feel absolutely wonderful!


Sink in deep and tilt your head back. Fill your tub with aroma-filled bath salts or a lavender-infused bath bomb. Even a simple oatmeal bath can aid in dry skin issues. Your skin will enjoy hydration, your muscles will relax, and your worries will cease. Turn the lights down low and light your favorite candle. Take a sip of your go-to wine and enjoy your 'me time.' Oh, did I mention you will sleep better at night? All the yes!


Sometimes, a little self-love goes a long way. Here at AleuCo, we encourage everyone to take a moment out of there day and treat yourselves. You are beautiful - you are powerful- you are resilient. You are worth caring for.



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