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Best Makeup Tips For Zoom Meetings

Good things about Zoom: It’s practical, it’s innovative, it’s convenient, you can attend a meeting wearing no bottoms and no one will ever know, and you can attend the meetings from the comfort of your bed. Bad things about Zoom: Your acquaintances are now privy to the mess that is your room, they can hear your children or siblings yowling in the background, your cat just threw up on the carpet and is now scratching your leg for attention. But the biggest problem? Say goodbye to your self-esteem and self-confidence, because it is seemingly impossible to look good, or even unlike a ripe mango on Zoom meetings.

Good news: we may not be able to do anything about the screeching in the background or the claw marks on your legs due to your pet cat, but what we can do, is prevent you from falling into an indescribable emptiness over your looks. Here are our best makeup tips for Zoom meetings.

#1 Achieve Glowing Skin:

Let’s forget the features for a moment. The skin is the canvas for your features and for anything you put on your face. So if you want to look good, you have to make sure that the canvas is well prepared. Don’t think that you can’t look good if you have acne, it’s just a part of your face. What we need to achieve isn’t acne-free skin. It’s luminous, glowing, well hydrated skin. Drink the water that your body needs, and moisturize your skin. But these are the basics. For quick beauty tips, use an illuminating foundation to make your skin glow and to achieve an even skin tone. Use concealer to hide your dark circles and even out your complexion. Lastly, add highlighter to your cheekbones to catch the light.

#2 Get Those Doe Eyes:

Look, the truth is, all of us are suffering from a messed-up sleep cycle. After all, sleeping at 5 and waking 8 isn’t exactly healthy. But even if you’re exhausted, you can look fresh by making your eyes bright. Use a natural eyeshadow to define your crease and give it a rounded look. Instead of applying eyeliner to your waterline, apply it beneath the waterline and make your eyes look larger. Finish off the look with a few generous coats of mascara.

#3 Full Lips:

While in real life, people are afraid to over-line the lips for fear of it being too noticeable, the camera is much more forgiving. Use a natural, nude shade to over-line just a bit over the outer edge of your lips, and apply gloss over the lipstick to make it look natural.

#4 Flushed Cheeks:

Cameras are infamous for inducing a bit of sallowness on the skin. So to combat this washed out look, we use blush. Use bright, warm shades such as peach or coral as cool shades appear darker on camera. Apply blush by swiping it along your cheekbones, and then to the apples of your cheeks. Swipe some of that blush onto your temples and eyelids for an overall flushed look.

The rules of makeup can change when you’re looking through a screen, but our tips will be sure to help you out.


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