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Bridal Makeup Trends You Need to Check Out In 2022

Updated: May 11, 2022

After months of staying indoors with the pandemic, brides are ready to glam it up with all new makeup looks on their special day! Everyone around the world is into big celebrations, and weddings are no less. We notice that many new wedding-day makeup looks are making rounds on the internet.

Bridal Makeup Trends

Without wasting any more time, let’s look at the top bridal makeup trends that you need to check out in 2022 if your big day is just around the corner.

1. Natural, Skin-Focused Look

Many people focused on their skincare routine during the pandemic. Various minimal makeup looks were trending throughout the pandemic. Now that the time has come for them to shine, brides want to show off their radiant skin instead of hiding it behind makeup.

Many brides request a natural look on their wedding day because they don’t want to cover up their skin, and we are all for it! We recommend you go with water-based foundations to keep your skin hydrated. It will also provide a supportive glow to your skin. Finish off the natural look with a bit of bronzer and blush, and that is it!

2. Glowing Look with Light Shades

The right amount of highlighter is crucial for your makeup. However, do not put in too much that it ends up looking extra in well-lit areas. The best kind of makeup is the one that comes with loaded blush to balance the whole look. If you are going for a glowing makeup look, it will require highlights at various stages.

This helps to give your makeup a very natural and subtle look—furthermore, a natural glowing look pairs very well with light shades of lipsticks. You can go with pink, mauve, or any nude shade that you like. Several makeup artists around the globe recommend light shades to pair with your dress on your big day.

3. Sophisticated Look

The pandemic has also encouraged a lot of brides to walk down that aisle wearing little to no makeup. There have been many elegant brides who have pulled off subtle no-makeup-makeup looks in their weddings and made everyone’s jaws drop.

If you opt to walk the aisle in subtle makeup, keep it classic and clean. We recommend using a light pink shade for your lips and slightly blushing up your cheeks. This look screams elegance and sophistication in its true form.

4. A Retro Touch

You can go with a retro touch and pair it with gold eyeshadow. The vibe of this look focuses on staying soft but bold at the same time. The eye shadow stands out to be the defining element in the face.

Try winged eyeliner with it for a trip down memory lane to the glimmering days of glamour when this look was first in the buzz. The overtones of this look are natural and bold. However, you can also pick out another retro look, one that you adore and feel comfortable carrying, and recreate it for your big day.

5. Radiant with Glow

Brides of all complexions are opting to go for matte and radiant looks. The right amount of highlighter can help your makeup pop for both indoor and outdoor photography and make your skin glow.

We recommend that you pair this look with gold eye makeup and a nude shade of lipstick. However, you can also choose to go bold with your lip color. Artists have regarded this look to be one of the most pleasing makeup looks in all their recent brides so far.

6. A Contoured Look

You can pair your stunning wedding gown with an alluring look by trying a contoured complexion. Contouring helps to finely improve the stubborn areas of your skin and is much more long-lasting than other options. A contoured face paired up with a glam eye look and defined brows can elevate your look by a dozen times.

Makeup artists mostly prefer this look for outdoor or early-afternoon ceremonies. In the past, many brides have taken their vows looking stunning in glam eye makeup with contour, with their makeup standing out in all their wedding photographs as well.

Final Words:

These were our top favorite bridal makeup trends you need to check out in 2022 if you are waiting to walk down the aisle on your big day. Your bridal day makeup should be all about representing you, whether you opt for a soft, bold, glamorous, or trendy look. We recommend checking out AleuCo makeup artists for a high-definition bridal makeup look.

Make sure to work with a distinguished look and be elegant. Furthermore, we recommend that you pick your makeup look and intensities depending on if your event is based indoor or outdoor. There may be many subtle but important makeup details varying between the two, which can make you look beautiful on your big day.

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