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Bridal Subscription Boxes: A Must-Have for Your 2022 Wedding

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Wedding preparations are usually time-consuming as it involves a lot of decision making. This usually leaves the bride really stressed out and with little time to relax. The ‘quest’ for relaxation has led to many fun-filled activities brides could engage in before the big day: Bridal showers, bachelorette parties, engagement parties, cake tasting, you name it!

But what’s our top pick today? Bridal subscription boxes! These boxes come in different sizes, shapes, and forms, so there’s a lot of variety for you here. They are packages sent to the bride upon subscription. You see, one great thing about these boxes is that they help you flaunt your soon-to-be-married status.

The contents of the subscription boxes vary, depending on your wants or preferences. If you’re in doubt about which ones to go for, we’ll help you out! Consider the ones in the list below.

· Organic and Natural Products

These packages are perfect for lovers of organic and natural beauty products. The contents of the boxes include neat stuff like beauty masks, shampoo, deodorants, soaps, bathing gels, and lots more. Keep yourself refreshed as you await your big day.

· Sexy Collections

For the brides who want to keep things exciting, you could go for that sexy lingerie to feed romance with life-or set it on fire, lol. What better way to ensure a relaxed pre-wedding period than months of exciting, erotic, and ‘naughty’ nights to iron out the stress of wedding arrangements?

· Spa Products

Bridal subscription boxes also come in spa products, containing glycerin soaps, bath fizzes, shower steamers, lotions, bubble baths, cream, and even scented candles. If you're a spa-loving bride, you really should consider these subscription boxes. Stay relaxed and refreshed while making your wedding preparations with a monthly supply of spa products. Heed this advice, because it will be well worth it!

· Jewelry

That's right! A monthly supply of jewelry for the bride to be. This is a must-do for all jewelry-loving brides: A collection of beautiful and luxurious necklaces, earrings, bangles rings and lots more for the blushing bride.

Bridal subscription boxes are all but a necessity for all brides to be. However, just making your monthly subscriptions are simply not enough. It is absolutely necessary that you employ the services of a professional for great makeup on your special day.

So, who do you go for? Aleuco Makeup, of course! Book your session with us today for quality and comfort all rolled into one package. We bring our services right to you, be it at the hotel, home or office. Call us and we’ll make you look your possible best on your wedding day!

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