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Brushes vs Beauty blender: A beginner's guide

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Mastering makeup is not an easy task to do. You need a lot of effort and skills. And in today's world, it has become a hassle. Gone are the days of using just your fingers and two brushes. The beauty world has confused beginners with uncountable makeup tools.

From mini and big beauty blenders to dozens of types of brushes, you truly need a degree to learn makeup. Fortunately, you are just at the right place. Read ahead to know all about the beauty tools mystery.

Here is a makeup beginner’s guide to beauty blender vs makeup brushes

The art of beauty blender

Incepted in 2003 by the company beauty blender, this little tool has revamped the beauty industry. Who knew that a small sponge could be used for thousands of things? Especially when it comes to foundation. The common concern when applying the foundation is that it does not blend flawlessly. That is, it leaves a lot of creases and layers. But thanks to the infamous blender, it does not happen anymore.

Working as a foolproof, this magic tool can reach all your awkward areas such as around the nostrils and under the eyes. Furthermore, it blends your foundation miraculously, dabbing in all the foundation. So if you want a flawless look in the affordable range, we recommend you real technique miraculous sponge.

The art of brushes

Makeup has started to involve a lot of technicalities. From doing a perfect wing liner to a cut crease makeup look, it needs skills. And these skills are completed with a set of a remarkable makeup brush set. While a beauty blender helps to give a flawless look, makeup brushes are just as important.

Brushes are especially needed when you need to apply powdered products such as blush and highlighter. In these cases, the beauty blender will grasp all of the product and you will be left with just a plain canvas.

Furthermore, a set of eye makeup brushes can make you do wonders. You can create any of the complex looks you want. If you are looking for a perfect makeup brush set, here is a perfect makeup brush set to save your day.

A basic difference

If both of the products help in applying smooth makeup, then what is the difference between them? Well, the makeup brushes are the best to put foundation on your face. If you use a beauty blender for this step, it might soak up all the product.

Once you have laid the foundation, it is now time to use the beauty blender. A beauty blender is the best to press the product into the skin for a seamless finish. The same thing applies to concealers. While doing makeup, lay the concealer with a brush and blend it with a blender.


Talking about the applications, both the magic tools have completely different applications. To make it easier for you to understand, narrow it down to a simple formula. Makeup brushes are the best for all powder products while a beauty blender is the best for all cream products.

Thus, if you want to apply a cream contour, use a beauty blender. And for the powder blush, use a brush. Furthermore, brushes have different shapes and precisions, unlike blenders, thus, to create a complex and fancy look, you will have to use the brushes.


There is no debate about which product is better than the other here. Both the tools are important in their ways. Therefore, as a beginner, you should know how to use and apply them perfectly. Get your hands on both products and be the next makeup artist in line.

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