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The Coolest Hairstyles Trends 2022

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

After the depressing 2021, with all the Covid-19 quarantine stress, political chaos, and many sad events, 2022 comes with a gleam of hope. With that, a new set of lovely looks in makeup trends, clothing trends, and of course, hairstyles. Today we shall talk about the coolest hairstyles and haircuts for 2022. As it is predicted by the fashion experts this year is going to be a year of short hair looks, easy and manageable hairstyle. The minimal but bold and edgy hairstyles are going to be in trend this year. Let’s take a look at the top coolest hairstyles that you should opt for in 2022.

1. Curtain Bangs:

No matter what length your hair is, the curtain bangs are always super cute and lovely. This hairstyle will never get old and this year it is going to be one of the coolest hairstyles. There is a variety of options to wear your curtain bangs, either pair them with a high or bun, give it a nice braid or simply let them flow.

2. Shaggy Haircuts:

There is something very cool about the shaggy hairstyles. The long or short shaggy haircuts are simply bold and empowering. This particular style doesn’t require much styling and blow-drying. It is also considered to be one of the top hairstyles that men find attractive.

3. Pixie Cuts:

As mentioned earlier, 2022 is going to be about easy manageable and minimal hairstyles. The short and sweet pixie cuts are the coolest and beautiful way to express your personality. The pixie cut styles also give a sense of freedom and are considered more empowering for women of all ages.

4. The Mullet:

The mullet is considered a men’s hairstyle, but thanks to Miley Cyrus, this old tradition is broken. She rocks this beautiful haircut and looks fearless and confident. So mullets are going to be in trend for the coolest hairstyles of 2021.

5. Bold Bob:

The blunt bob cuts, whether long or short, even the asymmetric ones are making in the list for the coolest hairstyles for 2022. These styles are minimal, require very low maintenance, and look just as awesome as you.

6. Extensions:

When you love minimal and short hairstyles but want to have those long, voluminous locks, Hair Extensions are your game. The lovely long extensions come in every hair color and hair cut to suit your need. So this year get your favorite hair extension and wear it as you want.

7. Edgy Haircuts:

The small, short haircuts are edgy, but for some women out there it is just not enough. So in 2021, the edgy becomes edgier as women love to take risks on their looks by making their appearance more expressive and blunt, and bold.

These were the coolest hairstyles for 2022, for all the women out there. If you are bored with your current hairstyle and love to experiment with your look then try one of these coolest hairstyles and be in trends for 2022.


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