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Creating A Hitch-Free Wedding Timeline

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

The dream of every soon-to-be-wed couple is to have a smooth, wedding ceremony. Trust us, you don't want to look back on your wedding day years from now and the thought makes you frown with regret instead of smile in reminiscence.

The good news is that you can achieve that fairy tale ‘happily ever after’ wedding that many couples seek but only a few ever find. The question is, how do you go about it? A wedding timeline is an easy way out. We'll be showing you a few tips to follow when making your wedding timeline.

· Have a Mental Picture of Your Dream Wedding

Yeah, that's right. This is a very important step to consider. It is necessary to have a mental picture of all you need to do on your wedding day. You must picture every single activity, including what time you intend to wake up and when to sleep. Doing this means you’ll avoid confusion when creating the actual timeline. Once you've had it all figured out in your head, you’re ready to begin your timeline.

· Create a Draft Timeline

A draft timeline is very necessary. You need one to outline the intended activities on the wedding day. Once the draft timeline has been created, it becomes very easy to create the actual timeline. All you need to do is make necessary adjustments to the draft. And ensure that you confirm the set time on the draft with your vendors too before creating your real timeline. All forms of miscommunication could be avoided by following this simple tip.

· Consider The Locations Involved

It is of utmost importance that you consider the locations at which the whole events will be carried out. Will you be taking off from a hotel or your home? The distance to the venue, will the actual ceremony and reception be carried out at the same venue? How long with it take your guests to arrive at the venue? Once you've put the venues into consideration, it becomes very easy to set accurate timing for the proposed activities.

· Give Room for Unforeseen Circumstances

It is impossible to predict the outcome of any event; what you have in your head might not be what you end up getting. We’re not saying this is necessarily a bad thing, but it helps to take precautions too. This is especially true for an event as big as a wedding.

There could be unavoidable mistakes or delays which might mess with your timeline. It could result from delays from your vendors, late arrival of key guests, problems with the venues, etc. Almost anything could go wrong on that day which, if not handled properly, could ruin the entire wedding ceremony. No one wants to experience something like that, and certainly not the couple!

Although preparing against these possible errors on your timeline won't stop them from happening, you will have ample time to correct them with little bearing on your other activities. More room could be made by adding extra time in the schedule for the periods before and after the ceremony.

With these few tips, you’re ready to create a utilitarian and accurate timeline. A wedding timeline is useless without a wedding venue, though, that’s why you should contact Creekside Event Center in Chehalis, Washington. That’s us! Make your choice from our range of options: A grand ballroom, gazebo, garden or even in the woods. You choose, we serve!

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