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Easy Beauty Hacks Straight From The Pros

Professional makeup artists and skincare gurus understand what needs to be done to enhance beauty and rewind the clock on age. Of course, people dig for the answers and will try everything in the world to figure out the best-kept secrets. Luckily, we've gathered ten hidden hacks straight from the pros right here.

Creating Consistent Hairlines In Brows

It always helps to have a good brow palette and eyeshadow brush in your makeup kit, right? It allows you to fill in part of the hairline to make the hair appear complete in pictures and in-person. The approach has never disappointed. Try an eyebrow pomade to create realistic, fuller brows. Start by framing and following your brows' natural shape and filling in with soft strokes for a flawless look!

The Green Tea Magic

Green-tea bags - a secret behind celebrities, experts, and all beauty gurus. Rich in natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, no wonder it's used regularly in skincare regimens. You can even use them to get rid of puffy eyes and naturally reduce swelling. The trick? Simply place them in ice water then put them on your eyes. Some beauty retail stores carry beauty products that contain green tea, such as body scrubs, facial cleansers, and undereye gel patches. Try it out!

The Right Ponytail

People struggle to achieve perfect ponytails. Those cute, high-up, and full of volume ponytails that look great with any outfit. It might seem simple, but it can be a real pain. Here's the secret: Divide your hair into two sections, starting from one ear to the other, such that there are a top and bottom section. Take a boar bristle brush and hairspray and smooth or tease the top section to the desired shape and tie it off. Do the same for the bottom section to eliminate bumps for a celebrity-like look. Go ahead and tease the top some more or the tail of it for a flirty style!

A Remedy For Dull Skin

To brighten and renew dry skin, mix two tablespoons of aloe vera, one tablespoon of olive oil, and one tablespoon of lemon extract. Apply it all over your skin, sort of like a facemask. The mixture does an excellent job exfoliating and detoxifying the skin, leaving it glowing. Simply leave the mask on for ten minutes and steam the face for more in-depth treatment. Finally, rinse it with warm water and a viola - your skin is naturally rejuvenated!

Precision Makeup

For on-point makeup application, start by applying lipstick with an angled lip brush instead of straight from the tube. Frame your natural lip shade and fill them in from there. This method applies to eyeliner as well! If you don't trust yourself doing a wing, first do the mascara, then follow through with a baby wing that matches the line of your outer lashes. It extends the eyes for a feline-look instantly.

Keep Aloe Vera Gel On-Hand

Instead of occasionally using your aloe vera, always have it with you to prevent skin irritation. Aloe vera gel works best when you want to moisturize the skin, treat redness, and soothe burns. Besides, it's quite affordable and always available in stores!

The Power Of Baking Soda

As people switch to natural deodorants to avoid damaging their delicate glands, sweat stains become another issue to deal with. The best way to remove these stains from your bright tees is to use baking soda. It's strong, yet affective to defeat stubborn stains out of your favorite blouses!

Apply Sunscreen

Applying sunscreen in the morning is the best way to protect your skin if you're going to be exposed to the sun. Did you know there are makeup foundations with SPF formulated into them? Check it out! Prevent wrinkles and sun damage by using sunscreen daily - it's the key to keeping youthful skin.



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