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Five Strategies To Help Your Skin

When you think of your skincare routine, what comes to mind? Is it your once a day quick wash or a little lotion here and there? Most of us can agree that we don't take good care of our skin on a regular basis. Bottom line, we are the pilot of how we treat our skin's health.


If your skin type is oily, then you are usually told to stay away from moisturizing creams and products. The thought that you need to hydrate less is planted in your head. However, this is far from the truth. Dehydration can let your body know it needs more oil to control the dryness. Drink plenty of water and you'll start to notice your skin becomes less oily. Your body will begin to regulate a healthier amount of oil naturally. Also, hydration aids with elasticity. It's what keeps your skin youthful and firm. If your skin has more elasticity, then it is less likely to age prematurely - a.k.a. wrinkles and sagging. When we grow older, our collagen decreases. Collagen is one of the major contributors to skin elasticity. Since water is a component in collagen, it's crucial to have a few glasses a day.