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How Do I Apply Bronze Makeup for My Wedding?

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

The wish of every bride is to look amazingly beautiful on her wedding day. This is why the quest for trending bridal makeup will always continue. We’ll be discussing the bronze makeup today.

One of the trendiest bridal makeup looks currently used is the bronze makeup look. Bronze makeup can be concentrated either on the face, eyes or lips to give you a radiant and shimmery look for your wedding. We’ll be giving you tips on how to achieve each of these looks. Ready? Alright then!

· Face

The bronze makeup when concentrated on the face gives the bride a sharp, shimmering look. If you intend to do this, you will first use a makeup primer; try out one with a radiant finish. Once you’ve applied the primer, put on a lightweight foundation with full coverage to give you a natural finish. Next, it’s time to bronze up! Apply bronze to your temple, jawline, the sides of your nose and also the hollows of your cheek. Once that’s been done, apply your bronze blush and highlighter to give you the perfect finishing.

· Eyes

For the eyes, you should start with an eye makeup primer. Apply an eye shadow because it's absolutely necessary for a bronze eye makeup. Next, pick up your eyeliner and line both your upper and lower lashes with a brown pencil liner and apply your water liner. For your finishing touch, apply a little bit of mascara. Done with all these? You’re good to go!

· Lips

Bronze makeup, when applied to the lips, always adds to the glam. To apply bronze makeup to your lips, begin by outlining your lips with a nude lip liner. Then fill in the pout and apply your bronze lipstick for coloring, after which you apply a shiny lip gloss. Finish off with a highlighter and you're all set. Look at the mirror. Perfect, eh? You’re ready for the spotlight.

· Contact a professional makeup artist

Makeup can very easily become complicated. This is because not all makeup styles are suitable for all faces. However, a professional makeup artist knows what kinds of makeup will suit your facial outline the most and get you ready for your big day.

Do you need a professional makeup artist for your bridal makeup? Call us, then! We are Aleu.Co and we're ever ready to make you look fabulous for your wedding and other events. Come book your session with us today. The earlier the better! Aleu.Co makeup; customer satisfaction is our driving force, and your happiness is our reward!

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