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How to Achieve Picture-Perfect Bridal Hair and Makeup

An expert bridal hair and makeup artist understands how to enhance a bride's natural beauty while remaining true to themselves on her big day. A great stylist should understand that less is more; and brides want to look like themselves on their special day!

Be sure to ask your stylist to bring a touch-up kit including lipstick, lip gloss, powder, blotting papers, Q-tips and lash glue in order to maintain a flawless wedding day look despite tears! This will guarantee a stunning image throughout the entire ceremony!

1. Know Your Face Shape

A millennial bride wishes for the ideal look on her wedding day, which starts with knowing their face shape and finding an appropriate hairstyle that complements it. To achieve this ideal look, it's crucial that brides-to-be understand their facial structure so as to select an ensemble that complements it and choose a hairstyle which complements it perfectly.

Round faces look adorable when worn with voluminous, full hairdos that soften their roundness; square face shapes need soft waves to balance out their sharp features. Brides with heart-shaped faces can achieve various looks such as an elaborate high bun with headpiece and veil attached or side-swept braid.

Diamond face shapes feature narrow forehead and jaw lines with wide cheekbones, so styles that provide a soft balance are ideal. A polished bun or loose, wavy matha patti are suitable options; tight or sleek styles may only lengthen your face further.

2. Know Your Hair Type

Hair styles that complement your natural texture are essential in creating the ideal wedding day look. If you have curly locks, try bridal braids or loose ponytails for less frizzing; and for straight locks a side or center parting, bangs, or soft waves could complete the picture nicely.

If you have long hair, try creating an eye-catching style by opting for a low bun, half up style with flowing locks or glamorous waves to showcase its length. Beautiful pins and clips can add flair to an otherwise simple down hairstyle or keep bangs out of your face.

Search wedding blogs and the internet for images that highlight your hair type and length, then provide these to your stylist in advance so they are both on the same page.

3. Know Your Hairstyle

Your wedding day hairstyle can make or break your look. To find one that will compliment both your face shape and dress, select one with loose curls or waves that soften features on a square face shape and opt for loose waves with texture that create balance by emphasizing beautiful features like eyes or cheekbones. If you have an angular or heart-shaped face shape, texture may create more balance while emphasizing other parts of the face shape such as cheekbones.

Curly haired brides should experiment with free-falling strands or a messy bun with bangs to show off their natural beauty, while those with wavy locks can opt for beachy waves or mermaid braids; those with straight locks may wish to opt for sleek low ponytails, voluminous updos, or textural chignons as options.

Make sure that you schedule a hair trial 2-3 months before your wedding to determine how you would like your style. Rather, getting a haircut could alter how your hair appears on your special day if this occurs too close to your event.

4. Know Your Makeup Style

Your wedding day makeup should strike the perfect balance-it should make you look like yourself while at your absolute best. No one wants their photos to show unnatural or "overdone" hair and makeup applications!

Brides should find makeup artists they are comfortable with before beginning the planning process for their big day. Check Instagram and Pinterest to discover bridal beauty looks you like before checking their social media portfolio to witness their work first-hand.

Once you've chosen your stylist, ask them to demonstrate some examples of bridal makeup application and style - this will give an indication of their limits and approach towards creating your look.

5. Know Your Skin Tone

Understanding your skin tone is paramount when selecting makeup colors for your wedding day. Avoid creating an unnatural or clashing look by understanding which shades best compliment it.

There are a few straightforward techniques you can use to establish your skin tone. One approach involves holding up a white piece of paper or t-shirt against your face in natural lighting; if your complexion appears more pink and rosy than expected against it, that indicates cool undertones in your complexion.

If your skin has blue undertones, choose makeup hues that complement them. If you have light skin tones such as honey blonde or chocolate brown, choose warm tones such as honey blonde. Deeper complexions should experiment with pinks and reds but also look great in neutral hues like gray and deep beiges.

6. Know Your Eye Color

Your wedding day is an occasion that will live long in the memory, so to ensure you look your best in photos and memories, it is crucial that you work with a makeup artist that knows exactly what works for your skin type and complexion.

As much as possible, consult with them long before the big day to discuss your hair and makeup goals, and any major hair changes. Two weeks is an optimal window for making hair color changes as it gives time for you to adapt.

Also keep in mind that you should bring a touch up kit including blotting papers, powder and even some eyelash glue just in case of any mishaps - this will ensure you're shine-free and ready for close up shots!

7. Know Your Lip Color

One of the most essential steps you can take towards making sure that you look your best on your wedding day is finding a lipstick shade to complement your overall ensemble. But with thousands of hues, textures and finishes available to choose from! - finding the ideal hue can be difficult!

Brides with light skin tones should opt for bright pink or coral shades that stand out against their complexion, rather than darker lipstick shades that could blend in and look dull. For maximum effect, opt for lipglosses that stand out - instead opt for bold lipstick colors such as deep wine red and maroon hues that create contrast against your complexion.

Lipsticks tend to outlast glosses and be more moisturizing than lip stains; however, you and your HMUA need to decide which option best fits you! A great way to narrow down your choices and make this decision simpler for both of you is visiting a makeup store beforehand and trying out several colors before your big day - visiting will allow everyone involved a smooth process!

8. Know Your Eyebrow Style

Your eyebrow shape has an enormous influence on the overall aesthetic of your face. Instead of plucking to thin out and arch them, try gently shaping with a brow pencil or brush; this will produce more symmetrical results which enhance rather than overpower your features.

An effective way of discovering which shape suits you is through "brow mapping." Simply hold a pencil against one side of your nose, straight up over your eye, until its end hits your brow line - this point represents your arch point.

Booking your wedding hair and makeup team early is essential, as their availability can quickly fill up. Additionally, it's advisable to have both the hair trial and dress fitting on the same day so you can see how everything will come together.

9. Know Your Eyebrow Shape

Eyes are the windows to our souls; eyebrows are their curtains. For an effortless look, groomed and defined eyebrows should be groomed regularly - to get started try purchasing the Nails & Brows Mayfair Style Collection PS90 which contains an eyebrow kit including shaped pencil, highlighter and sharpener to help get started.

Your eyebrow should form approximately a 90 degree angle from the inner corner of your eye; don't mark this point exactly, though - doing so might leave you looking surprised on your big day! Wide set eyes should bring their arch in closer to bring their eyes closer together while those with close-set or longer faces would benefit more from having it move further out towards the edges of their faces.

Straight eyebrow shapes are another popular choice because of their adaptability; however, this style might not work as well for people with wider or inverted triangle / heart-shaped faces as it will accent this part of their features more prominently.

10. Know Your Eyebrow Color

Your wedding day will be captured forever in photos and videos, so it is imperative that your look is impeccable. By investing in professional hair and makeup services on this special day, you'll be sure to shine like a goddess on this momentous occasion!

To create natural-looking brows, select a sculpting pencil that complements your hair shade. Light blondes should use a golden blonde hue to provide clarity without appearing heavy, while medium blondes and dark blondes should opt for taupe brown and rich neutral brown according to celebrity brow sculptor Joey Healy.

Be sure to ask your beautician for a touchup kit, including blotting papers, powder, Q-tips and lash glue - this way if any spilled drinks or minor mishaps arise during your special event, they are easily addressed! Additionally, staying hydrated will allow your makeup artist to apply your look smoothly.

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