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How to Braid Hair

Knowing how to braid your hair can help you a lot during various times in your life. The thing about braids is that they can give you tons of looks, you can go for a messy braid for a trip to the beach or a festival or you can try a plain, slick braid for a neat and tidy look. All in all, this is one look in which nothing can ever go wrong. This is your guide if you are wondering how to braid hair for beginners.

How to Braid Hair - A Step by Step Guide for Beginners:

  1. First off, start by combing your hair thoroughly. You want to ensure that there are no knots in your hair. If there are any knots while you are making a braid, your braid will look very lumpy as well.

  2. Secondly, once you are done combing, the next step is to partition your hair into three sections. Keep in mind that this is a tutorial for how to braid hair to the scalp. You will have three equal partitions, one in the middle and one on either side. Moreover, keep them separated with the help of your hands.

  3. Now comes the main part. This is where the act of braiding actually begins. Move the left section of the hair and put it over the middle section. Now the section which was previously the left section will now be the middle section and the middle section will be the left section. Similarly, do the same process for the section on the right hand. Move the right-handed section over the middle one.

  4. Once you’ve got the hang of it, repeat the process all the way down. Additionally, make sure that you leave around 1-2m of hair at the bottom. This is done to make sure that the hairband you tie doesn't slip off. Also, while you are repeating the process of turning the sections one over the other, remember to give a pull each time. This will ensure that your hair doesn't get too loose or lumpy.

  5. Remember not to bind your hair with a rubber band since it is extremely hard to remove, and you might end up tearing your hair while removing it. Additionally, you can try accessorizing by using a fancier or colorful band.

  6. Lastly, anyone who makes a braid will note that there are bound to be a lot of flyaway hairs as well. This can happen a lot if you have frizzy hair. If you are learning how to braid hair yourself, you need to find out ways to solve this. The first suggested method is to use hairspray. Furthermore, you can also use hair gel or take a tiny amount of oil and spread it on the flyaway hair lightly.

The great thing about braids is that all those who want to know how to braid hair for men can use this method as well since it works fine for everyone. Making a braid might seem intimidating and confusing but it is actually a very simple method. All you need is some practice and you're good to go.

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