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How To Clean Makeup Brushes

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

From binge-watching James Charles’s makeup tutorials every day to mimicking Kylie Jenner’s fabulous makeup looks, we wish to know anything and everything about makeup. Yet, when somebody asks us How to Clean Makeup Brushes – we find ourselves shying away.

After a long while of pressing our mind for an answer, we find none. We simply can’t remember when was the last time we cleaned our beloved makeup brushes – let alone how we cleaned them!

  • Cleaning makeup brushes is essential:

Our brushes absorb a lot of product, and we then apply it to our faces. If they are not clean, this leads to a buildup of bacteria in the brushes resulting in – Breakouts!

Imagine: From pimples to acne to allover spotty skin, much would be a result of unclean brushes.

But do not worry. Now that you know how important a brush cleanup is, we will also tell you how to accomplish it – without having to rob a bank!

Let’s explore how to clean makeup brushes – DIY way:

Ø Olive Oil to the Win:

Enough squirting olive oil on your salads; it is now time to introduce it to your makeup brushes.

Pour a bit of olive oil into your palm. Run it through the bristles of the brush lightly. Then, place the brush under running water in a way that it is only the bristles that are in contact with water and not their base.

Dab onto a paper towel to dry – and voila, brushes are clean!

Ø Putting Apple Cider Vinegar to the Test:

An absolute pantry staple, if you are wondering how to clean your makeup brush with vinegar – let us tell you how easy it is.

Take a cup of warm water. Add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to it and mix it.

Next, take your brushes and gently dip them into the blend; twirling the bristles around as their absorbed product cleans away.

Wash the bristles under clean, running water, and place the makeup brushes upside down to dry.

Ø How to Clean Makeup Brushes with Baby Shampoo:

Apart from their soothing smell and baby-friendliness, if there is one more thing a baby shampoo is good for, it is to clean your makeup brushes.

Take a bowl and fill it with water. Add a bit of baby shampoo to it and insert your makeup brushes in the mixture. Then, move them around, swirl them, and once you feel they are clean, take them out of the bowl and cleanse with fresh water.

Ø Using the Mat: Going the Pro Way:

Specially designed mats are one way of a good cleanup. Now, you may be thinking: How to clean makeup brushes with a mat?

This is not a normal mat we’re talking about. Owing to its firm grip and soft yet impactful bristles, you can attach it to your basin or hold in your hand for usage,

Take a bit of brush shampoo and apply it to your makeup brush’s bristles. Next, rub the brush with the mat – until the makeup within is released and your brush is clean.

Rinse off the brush and let it dry!

  • Get Cleaning:

For those who apply makeup every day and find it a staple in their routine, to those who keep makeup application for special events only; caring for your makeup products is as essential as knowing the way to apply it.

Now that you know how to clean makeup brushes, you can pick up those good ol’ brushes for a deep clean – and let them shine!


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