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How To Incorporate The Color Of The Year In Your Hair and Makeup

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Colors are such an important part of life. They bring life to an otherwise grey world. Since 2020, colors have truly exploded into everyday life. Our clothes, our shoes, our makeup, hair, accessories, and everything in between has a colorful method to its’ madness.

For a long time now, every year has been given a specific color according to the color spectrum. Fashion designers, makeup artists, and other creative choose this particular to offset the trends of the year. For the average person, here’s how you can easily incorporate the color of the year in your hair and makeup.

1. Rainbow Hair

Rainbow hair is quite a recent trend, and what a beautiful one it is! Your hair incorporates various colors that you love. However, to showcase the color of the year, you can choose that is the top color, and have a hidden rainbow effect underneath. Just ask your hairstylist, I’m sure he or she will easily help you out, and make this vision come true.

2. Full Coverage or Dip Dye Hair

Next on the list of incorporating the color of your hair is to either dip dye or do full coverage. This means that you either turn your hair, completely red ( color of the year) or do a balayage, or an ombre, or maybe just a dip dye. It’s up to you, and what suits you best. This is a great way to incorporate the color of the year, as it is a constant homage. Every person who passes you by, would immediately look at your hair, be able to pick you out from a sea of average colored heads.

3. Lips

Another way to incorporate colors is to put them on your lips. Go out and purchase the exact shade of color that is being celebrated this year. Use that lip shade as your go-to color all year, or at least on special occasions. People will notice, and it’ll be a nice homage as well.

4. SFX makeup

Special effects or SFX makeup is one of the best ways to incorporate colors. You can easily use any color in the world as your base and create a legend on your face or body. Your skin and hair are your canvas, and the color of the year, your muse. You could be a blue alien from avatar or green like Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy, depending of course on what color this year is being celebrated.

5. Solid Eye Makeup

Last but not least is eye makeup. Pick the color of the year and use it to decorate your eyes. The eyes are the windows of the soul after all. There is no better way to successfully celebrate color than with your eyes.

Final Thoughts!

These are just the top few ways that you can incorporate the color of the year into your hair and makeup. There are so many other ways, all you have to is open your mind and heart to let your imagination run wild.


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