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How to Maintain Strong and Healthy Nails

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Keeping a strong and healthy nail is a very important aspect of body care. While staying at home as we await the end of COVID-19, this is the right time to practice regular nail-care; maintain a habit of it to get clean, healthy and great-looking nails you’ve always wanted. Even better, these tips are neither time-consuming nor expensive.

· Always keep your nails trimmed

Keeping neat, natural-looking nails is not just a beautiful sight to behold, but also a key factor in maintaining strong and healthy fingernails. When you trim your nails regularly, you will avoid the problems of nail snagging and breaking. Use a fine, nail file to smoothen the edges of your nails to give it a clean and smooth look.

· Put on dish gloves while doing the dishes

Always putting your hands in soapy and warm water can weaken even the strongest of nails. The nails get dried out, weakening them. The best way to avoid this is by putting on gloves while washing. This will also help safeguard your fingernails against the effects of warm, soapy water.

· Frequently moisturize your cuticles

The cuticles protect the fingernails and in turn, need to be protected by you. Care for your cuticles regularly. Avoid cutting them too low to avoid wounds or infections. And visit your doctor if you notice any signs of redness, swelling, or pus in your cuticles. It’s best to treat them as early as possible and to stave off infections.

We hope you found these tips easy to practice? While staying at home, ensure that you maintain a healthy and beautiful body, and also stay safe and protect yourself and loved ones. That’s what’s most important in these trying times.

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