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How to Pick the Perfect Lipstick

There are so many different lipstick undertones, skin tones, uniformities, and finishes that make a trip to the makeup store, particularly in the lipstick aisle, seem more like a mission than a fun day out.

Let’s start by improving your plan of attack. First up? Know your skin tone and undertones! And it’s not just useful for finding your perfect lipstick shade. Knowing your skin tone can help you pick out a new hair color or even help you find the perfect spring color palette. It’s a truly useful and versatile weapon in your arsenal.

So lovelies here you go, if you have:

Fair skin: To compliment your skin tone, try a classic nude or coral, even a fun, bold red if you’re feeling sassy! Our tip? Stay away from bright pinks or dark browns, the contrast may be too stark and take your look from fab to drab.

Medium Skin: Avoid nudes and super pale shades of pink. Without knowing it, they may end up washing you out! Try a true pink or bright berry shade instead!

Olive-toned skin: Practically anything goes for this tone! Over here at AleuCo, our makeup artists suggest cool tones to turn heads. Avoid shades with too much yellow in them and opt for a shade of pink, rose, mauve, or plum!

Dark skin: Create a big splash with reds and corals. These contrast with your skin tone in an oh-so-perfect way.

Pink undertones: Continue with your natural palette - pinks, corals, and orangey-reds all look super glamorous. Stay out of blue-based reds, because it will definitely take your look in the wrong direction by making your pink undertones stand out in the wrong way.

Yellow undertones: Always choose reds that contain blue as a base tone. Bronze and nude hues also work like a charm.

And hey, no matter what shade you decide to flaunt, if you’re looking for a pigment-rich lip, ditch the lip brush.


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