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How to take care of your dry Winter skin before your wedding?

Best tips to take care of your dry winter skin before your wedding:

1- Eat Healthy-

It is a very natural phenomena that our body is eligible to produce all the minerals and vitamins required for our body growth. Eating healthy and beneficial food helps our body to maintain all the ageing- related hormones and balance it. You can observe changes in your face, how it glows when you eat green vegetables, fruits, salad and water enriched fruits.It helps our body to maintain growth of dead blood cells and live blood cells.

2- Use Natural Moisturiser oil

You might get numbers of moisturisers in a market like moisturiser cream, oil, rose water, glycerin, vaseline and antiseptic cream. Using Mustard, Cocunat, castor and olive oil specially in between baths helps your body to protect from harmful particles. As it does not allow all these particles to stick in your body.

3- Drink Plenty of water

In winter, as temperature sometimes goes to -ve degree temp. At this time most of us generally don’t feel thirsty. But our body needs it to dissipate internal heat. As per science drinking 5-7 litre of water is meant to be best to keep our body sustainably growing.

4- Protect Internal and External stressors:

We are living in a hectic and busy lifestyle world, where we generally find ourselves in stress mode. Most of us are unaware of how our lifestyle violates the functioning of our biological cycle and growth. Internal and external stress needs to be managed by making our daily routine healthy and protecting it from the outer world. Doing regular breathing exercises helps us a lot.

5- Avoid using harmful cream:

Being a human being, our human behaviour tends to lure towards attractive things available in the market. Most of the available Cream might be not suitable for our skin type. So, we must be very careful while using it, to protect our body from harmful materials.


Lustrous, shiny, glorious and healthy skin is our kind of skin. Skin is our body protector, it protects us from harmful rays, dust, particles and liquid.Nourishing it is our sole most responsibility, make it healthier, shinny and lovely by following above mentioned tips.Once you follow it in proper way, you may soon see the changes in your skin. Make your wedding season most memorable, joyfull, shiny like your glowing and healthy skin. Let’s bride and bridegroom look as the centre of attraction among all the guests. You can also make yourself most beautiful in the wedding season without compromising your choices. Your skin must be soft and beautiful like a little growing baby, who just uses Jhonson baby cream and olive oil.

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