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Making Mika Beautiful

My Proudest Accomplishment Since High School Is the Improvement of My Eyebrow Game

Nearly every person knows the pain of bad eyebrows. Too much, too little, it can throw off your whole beauty regimen. Eyebrows are the number one thing that frame and highlight your face. Ever seen the meme showing a person with one missing tooth and no eyebrows? The first thing people notice are the no eyebrows part, bad!


Recently, we decided to treat one lucky winner to a set of new ombre eyebrows designed by our talented and artistic Alea Claudine. Ombre brows offer a more realistic, relaxed look that will enhance natural beauty. Our winner was a well deserving mother of two.

“I was crying tears of joy,” Mika was astonished when she won our giveaway of ombre brows. As a parent, life tends to get in the way. Being a mom means saggy eyes from sleep deprivation, stress, and a lack of time for yourself! Right now, Mika is a busy stay at home mom, but does plan on heading back to work, meaning less time to pamper herself in the mornings! We were more than happy to help Mika with her brow game and lighten her load.

As a busy mom, Mika can cut some minutes off her morning routines with her new brows. Now, Mika has free time each morning to sip on coffee and begin her hectic days with a little less stress. Mika was already straight-up beautiful to begin with. Now, she’s upped her brow game and is confident each day they will always look fresh and to-the-point.

Keep your brows up and eyes on the lookout for our next video showcasing our process and her end results!

Here at Aleuco, we offer services for everyone looking for a stunning change. If you are interested in changing your style, or simply want to be pampered, give one of our talented team members a call today to schedule you in!

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