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Salon Treatments To Keep Your Hair Healthy and Shining

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Your hair is like the jewelry of your body, it is an accessory. However, it is an accessory that needs constant care to properly shine, and be considered beautiful. There are many ways you can achieve that, and If you don’t know any, keep ready this blog and you’ll find out.

Each treatment listed here is something you can easily get at any salon. These treatments allow your hair to shine with great health, and also provide a certain fullness to them.

1 Keratin Treatment

Do you have frizzy hair? If you do, then the best treatment you can go for is Keratin. It is the most popular hair smoothing treatment for nigh on 10 years now. It is also called the Brazilian Blowout in some places because it blows out your hair and then smoothes it down. You can even get Keratin conditioners and shampoos if you want to do it at home.

2. Scalp Treatment

If you’ve got a dry or itchy scalp, then get a scalp treatment. This treatment is not only amazing for your hair, but also your scalp. It helps improve hair growth, cares for the skin on your scalp, and feeds more protein into the hair follicles. This treatment is a growing Japanese trend that has become wildly popular.

3. Hot Oil Hair Treatment

This particular salon treatment is a treat! You can just lay your head down and relax, while someone massages every inch of your scalp and hair with hot oil. The hot oil is massaged in for around15 minutes, and then you wait for around 12 to 20 minutes for the oil to truly set in, before getting it washed. This treatment is best for individuals who have dry or colored hair, as it helps them maintain the shine and health of their hair.

4. Moisture Treatment

Next on the list for great salon treatments is the Moisture treatment. This treatment is a deep conditioning process that adds lots of protein to your hair. It’s a quality massage treatment that fixes split ends, adds back the shine of your hair, and makes it look like you just had a blow-dry. If you’ve got heat dry or damaged hair, this is the treatment you need.

5. Detox Treatment

Last but certainly not least on the list is the Detox treatment. This treatment gets rid of all that buildup in your hair shafts. All the chlorine and chemical buildup that you’ve amassed in your hair is detoxed away. This means that your hair is easily returned to its’ natural health and shine. This treatment also stimulated hair growth. It also cleans up tresses and any other impurities that are making your hair sick and dull.

What Are You Waiting For?

Now that you know the top salon treatments that will keep your hair and healthy, shiny and happy, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and head to the salon to get your hair treated.

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