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SFX Makeup Looks for Halloween 2022

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

The makeup industry has had many ups and downs over the years. We’ve seen almost every kind of stage, and evolution there is, and the changes just keep on coming. In 2022, Halloween makeup has taken on a whole new level.

People sitting at home are easily doing SFX, i.e. special effect makeup looks at home for Halloween, and they look amazing! Here’s a look at some of the SFX makeup looks that would look amazing this Halloween.

The Joker

The Joker has always been a fan favorite, especially after the wonderful, and late Heath Ledgers performance. However, it is only recently that his makeup looks have taken the stage for Halloween. There something quite mad about the joker, and the people who take over that white chalkboard makeup, and ruby lips, are certainly a sight to behold.


One would think that the poltergeist, is a step down from the Joker SFX look. But somehow, this particular makeup look has made a place of its’ own. From sexy to sinister, the IT look is extremely popular. Maybe because its’ quite easy to emulate, but also because it has a completely “other” look about it.

Lucifer's Bride

In recent years the concept of Lucifer has taken the stage. From the show “Sabrina the teenaged witch,” many have taken over the dark concept of the witch and made their representations of Lucifers’ bride, complete with the devil's horns. This makeup is not only sinister but has a biblical mystery to it as well. One would think that the horns are the highlight of this SFX look, but no, if you play your cards right, the black eyeshades with black lips are what attract the most.


Where before the dark fairy wasn’t something to be afraid of, now she’s taken a life of her own. People all over the world have been trying ways to create Maleficent horns at home, and creating that perfect “Angelina Jolie” look, complete with sharp cheekbones. This SFX look might not be sinister, but it does have a magical appeal.

The Scarecrow

When you think of the scarecrow, you think of a straw person with a hat. However, in 2021, we’ve got a more ethereal and dark visage for it. Sown together lips, smoky eyes, and so much more! The scarecrow look is something from a nightmare, and the people who pull it off are the kings and queens of Halloween.

The Wailing Woman

Halloween is a day of legends, which is why the wailing woman or the Banshee is often a disguise that women take on. Over the years the special effects for this makeup have grown more sophisticated and deadly. If you play your cards right, then this look will make you look not only sinister but something out of Japanese horro

Final Thoughts

SFX makeup looks are extremely fun to create. They allow us to let loose our imagination as well as our inner horror film enthusiast. What’s your Halloween look going to be this year?


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