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Top 10 Acrylic Nail Designs on Instagram

Nail Art has suddenly boomed in the past decade. Many women especially young girls are very much attracted to the idea of long and colorful nails with something new and unique.

Nail artists work a lot to make new and creative designs, use so many colors innovatively to create nail art that you love. Social media is full of nail artists who showcase their latest designs and creative acrylic nail art daily. There are millions of acrylic nail designs on the internet, but today we shall look at the top 10 Acrylic Nail Designs on Instagram.

Leximartone also created this fun-loving clown-themed nail art. Based on the ultra-long acrylic nails, she played with colors and accessories beautifully to achieve the clown town theme.

Brittany Tokyo is a nail artist that has a huge fan following on Instagram. She creates amazing acrylic nail arts that satisfy the young girls so much. Check out this amazing black beauty that she has created for her followers.

Another brilliant nail art design by Brittany Tokyo is royal and glamourous at the same time. the red and gold color shine bright embellished with brilliant red gemstones.

NailsbyMei is also a leading Instagram handle that has beautiful and upbeat acrylic nail art designs for everyone. Like this amazing shining and glam look. The nails are set with amazingly shining rhinestone and delicate pearls.

Check out this groovy nail art by LexiMartone. She has created this fearless style of nail art that can be perfect for your edgy parties, Halloween party or any sci-fi event.

Who doesn’t love floral? The soft pink and white floral nail art is one of the leading acrylic nail art designs that is loved by all ladies all over the world.

When you are looking for something classic yet out of the box, check out this peachy nude shining nail art. This design is unique as it is set with matching rhinestones to increase beauty.

The light-colored rainbow, the pastel-themed acrylic nail art is also one of the popular nail arts. The different colors and slight shiny glitter adds beauty to your personality.

Check out this “Ariel” themed turquoise acrylic nail art. This has the shining gemstones set in a lovely manner to give it a sea kind of look.

You can never go wrong with plain, classic, and lovely red acrylic nail art. This design is never getting old as it is perfect for your formal events as well as your casual parties.

So these were the top 10 Acrylic Nail Designs on Instagram that we found best for you. Nail art is not only a hobby but the latest demand has made it a very profitable profession too.


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