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5 Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks

That Will WOW Your Friends and Your Fiancé

Your honey loves you just as much in a messy bun and mud mask as he does in full glam, but Valentine’s Day is the day you celebrate your love and companionship. Kick it off the right way by dressing to impress. Show him just how well you clean up with any one of these five knock-em-dead makeup looks for Valentine’s Day.

Bare Beauty

With all the Insta-beauty everywhere you look these days, a well-done natural look can be a jaw-dropper. Start with a foundation that matches your skin tone and contour gently (if at all). Choose blush and lip colors that are close to your natural shades. Instead of colorful eyeshadows, use your contour palette to brighten and define your eye shape. If you can’t live without eyeliner, use just a thin line along your top lashes and follow the curve of your outer lashes in a subtle wing. Finish with a non-clumping mascara just a few shades darker than your lashes.