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Vendor in the Spotlight - Jadore Les Fleurs

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

The use of flowers in weddings dates way back in history and has since then been an indispensable aspect of wedding decorations. Flowers can be used almost anywhere at a wedding venue: From the bridal bouquet and boutonnieres to the decoration of the aisle, table, etc.

To achieve a flawless floral design, you will require the services of professional floral designers who can make your wedding venue beautiful and elegant. Let’s talk about one of the best florists in the business today. ‘J’adore Les Fleurs provides excellent floral services. Read on to know more about them.

· Quite an interesting name you have there. What inspired it?

‘J’adore Les Fleurs’ is of French origin, and it translates to ‘I love flowers’ in English. The name was adopted upon return from a family trip to Paris. Prior to this, JLF formally called ‘Sunshine Flowers’ was a simple family-owned flower shop located at a small shopping plaza. With the change of name came a revolution: JLF was not just about selling flowers, no. We were much more than that.

· Interesting. “Not just about selling flowers,” you say? Tell us more, please. What makes you unique

Although JLF began as a simple family shop, the family always dreamt beyond simple sales of flowers. They wanted their flowers to have a touch of elegance and luxury. This dream eventually gave birth to J’adore Les Fleurs. We bring flowers to an entirely new culture. A mix of French floral design and the Victorian era inspired what gives our flowers a sophistication that all flower lovers adore.

· As a boutique dealing in fresh flowers, how do you ensure the durability of your products once sold?

Well, like fresh flowers, our products-for obvious-reasons have a limited lifespan. However, there is a significant difference in the lifespan of our flowers when compared to other fresh flowers. This is because certain measures can be put in place in ensuring that our flowers last as long as possible. These measures are communicated to our customers.

· How do you ensure customer satisfaction?

Our customer services are carried out in ways favorable to the customers. These services include complimentary delivery in certain cities, hand delivery in all areas, room for specific delivery time and many more. Customer satisfaction is really important to us at JLF.

Thank you, J’adore Les Fleurs, for your time. To our readers out there, why not pay a visit to JLF today at 4005 West Reno Ave, Unit G Las Vegas, NV89118? Or simply contact them via their website:, for more information.

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