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Vendor in the Spotlight - Marcel East Band

Music is widely regarded as the food of the soul. There’s a kind of music that’s so powerful it evokes fond tears from the listeners, leaving them emotional. And it’s a language everyone understands. These are but two of the reasons why music has remained an irreplaceable trend for decades. Since music is a must for celebrations like weddings, the question then becomes what style of music is to be played.

Will it be a live band or a wedding DJ? Most couples these days go for a live band because of the personal touch live bands give them. That’s why today, we’re excited to have Marcel East band with us. Are you ready to learn more about this popular Las Vegas-based band? Of course you are!

· Tell us a bit about your music career

As you already know, I'm an international singer, showman, and pianist based in Las Vegas. I've been around musicians all my life and have always been a music lover. After singing with music legends here in the USA, I went International and also became a music sensation in countries like China, Russia, Canada, Mexico, France, and many others. I've since then been performing within and around Las Vegas, bringing joy to all those I get to perform for.

· What kinds of music do you perform?

The most popular genres. But the kind of music I’ll play also depends on what my clients request. I perform disco, EDM, hip-hop, R &B, Pop, Rock, and world music. As I said, it all depends on what the clients desire. I perform about any hit song either as a soloist, two-man, trio, five-piece or even more.

· What kind of music services do you render?

A lot. I normally render live music, obviously; MC services, recorded music, sound equipment, among other music services.

· Let's talk about weddings. What kinds of wedding events do you perform at?

I can perform at just about any event, be it rehearsals, wedding parties, engagement parties, afterparties, wedding ceremonies, and reception. To put it simply, I perform wherever I'm needed.

All this sounds great. Thank you so much for your time, Marcel East. And to our readers, you've seen it for yourselves. You can always contact Marcel East Band through their website,, for more information about their services.

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