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Vendor in the Spotlight - Petit Four Films Videographers

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Ever wished you could relive the events of your wedding day? Yeah, that happens a lot when your wedding ceremony went as smooth as butter; when everything just fell into place and the whole event was perfect. When you reminisce about moments like that, don't you just wish the day never came to an end? That's when the services of a videographer step in to save the day.

Petit four films know exactly how important these events are to you and are always ready to give you the best possible coverage. Let's see what they have to say.

· How old is Petit Four Films and where are you located?

We have been in the business of wedding videography for over 10 years now. Our headquarters is in Chicago but we're scattered all around the USA. All you need to do is contact us and we'll set up a meeting to make all the necessary arrangements.

· Do you meet all your clients before the wedding?

It's sometimes difficult to meet with our clients because of the difference in schedule and other logistics. However, we've found a way around it as we now effectively communicate with our clients via Skype, Google Hangout or facetime. After which we can set a convenient date to meet and round up all arrangements.

· What kind of videography packages do you offer?

We have a lot of packages to suit the different needs and pockets of our clients. Some of these packages include the 'forever package', the 'elite package' and the add-ons. Thye all have different services and prices. Aside from these packages, there are also a lot of exciting services like the ongoing promo of free drone coverage and the 100$ targeted Gift Card.

· How long does it take you to deliver the films to your clients?

Our films are usually delivered within 90 days of the shoot. However, on the rare occasion we're unable to deliver within the stipulated time, we'll gladly refund your money in full. We have employed a number of strategies to ensure that our clients can book our services with full confidence that they'll receive their films within 90 days of their wedding.

Thanks to Petit Four Films for enlightening our readers today. You can contact them at for more information about their services.

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