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Vendor in the Spotlight - Wellington Place

Every wedding venue speaks volumes about the wedding or the couple it’s for. There are so many available wedding venue options and couples need only make the right decision on which best suits their preferences or needs.

There is a venue for the nature-loving couple; grand style venues for classy couples or even simple venues for easy-going couples.

Each of these venues could perfectly describe your personality as a couple. This makes the selection of the appropriate wedding venue very important.

Wellington Place knows how important a wedding venue is to the success of a wedding, which is why they aim to provide you with the perfect venue for your wedding. Read on to learn more about them.

· Are your venues strictly reserved for weddings only?

Not really. We specialize in all kinds of events from birthday parties, to wedding receptions, proms, holiday events, and much more. We regard each event to be special and unique and we do our best to ensure that you have a wonderful time using our venues. We also offer one-of-a-kind friendly services to guests, irrespective of the kind of event being held.

· How large are your halls? Or rather, how many people can they accommodate?

Wellington Place is very large, with two halls you can choose from. The La Terrazza room can easily accommodate up to 50 people while the Valencia is better for larger gatherings-it can accommodate as much as 250 persons for an event.

· Who is responsible for the venue decorations and furnishings?

Wellington Place has more than enough furniture and decorative materials for any kind of event. However, in a situation where our clients would prefer to add their own decorations, we will gladly help set up the items properly for them. But these additional items must be pre-approved by our event manager and removed immediately after the event.

· And the packages you offer

We offer a lot of packages. These packages can also be upgraded to suit the needs of our clients. Some of them include our all-occasion packages, wedding and reception packages, and the rental room packages. All having different services and prices.

Thank you, Wellington Palace. And to our readers, once you book the perfect events venue for your wedding, the next thing to consider is your makeup and hairstyling, of course.

You will need a professional makeup artist that will give you a look to dazzle and Aleu.Co can make it happen.

Contact us today for your hair styling and makeup sessions. We’ll bring our services right to your doorstep. You can visit our website at for more information.

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