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Vendor Spotlight - Byanca's Event and Decor

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Coronavirus has really hit the world hard, hasn’t it? Harder than anyone ever expected. Movies are being pushed back, large sports events are being canceled and weddings are not happening anymore. While this is all true, it doesn’t mean your wedding or event should be canceled too.

Take care of yourself and maintain good hygiene, and don’t be in haste to have your wedding or event just yet. Just wait for a little while; a few weeks, at most, because the right authorities are working hard to make sure the virus is thoroughly dealt with. Let them do their part, and focus on doing your part too: Planning an excellent wedding!

Wedding planning and venue decoration is a topic no soon-to-be-wed couple can avoid. Whether it's a simple or a grand style wedding, decorating the wedding venue is always necessary. And it speaks loads about the wedding ceremony and the couple.

If you are planning to hire a vendor for your wedding designs and decorations, it is advisable to go for the p