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Vendor Spotlight - Lily and Lime

Arguably the best way to capture the greatest moments of life and keep the memories alive is by simply taking a picture or a video. Professional photographers and videographers are here to make sure that those happy memories are captured perfectly. As handy as you are with your phone’s camera, you’re not exactly a pro just yet, are you? Learn more from the best of the best! The award-winning Lily and Lime are veterans, so let’s hear a bit about them.

· About

Lily and lime is a photography and videography company with a great team behind them. With their talents and wealth of experience, they’ll capture your special moments using a simple and affordable medium. Rest assured, your photos will also be of the best quality.

· Services

The services offered in Lily and Lime include wedding portraits, wedding videos, engagement sessions, digital files, toning, hand coloring, albums, thank you cards, and lots more. Their products range from albums, canvas, digital files, matted prints, negatives, prints, proofs, and ‘save the dates’ to ‘thank you’ cards. As for their styles, we’re talking about contemporary, film, natural, photojournalism, traditional and vintage.

· Packages

The photo and video packages depend on the number of hours to be spent shooting. Each of them has different prices and services. They offer customized packages to their clients to meet up with their different needs. The packages available to clients are photo only, video only, and the photo and video package.

You could take your pick from the 10-hour photo session where you can choose your lead photographer and get your digital negatives. There is also the 8-hour photo session, which just happens to be the most popular!

Other packages include the 6-hours and 4-hours photo packages. The video only packages have the 10-hour and the 8-hour session-also the most popular of the video-only packages.

Are you intrigued yet? Lily and Lime are more than enough to cater to your events or celebrations. Just chill at home until this Coronavirus business is done with, yeah?

In the meantime, come visit us today at Aleu.Co for a delightful makeup and hairstyling session. We'll make you photo-ready for your special day, be it a wedding, birthday, or even photoshoots! If you need more information, you can visit our website at Until then, stay safe, and stay protected!

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