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2022 Wedding: Bridal Makeup Latest Trends to Follow!

Updated: May 12, 2022

Trends come and go from time to time, and not just for wedding dresses and festivities but also for wedding makeup looks. Last year's trending makeup looks may not be in style this year, but there are tons of new ones to look forward to.

Bridal Makeup Latest Trends

Let's check out these latest bridal makeup trends to follow on your big day and make that makeup pop with our recommended list of products.

Bronze Hues

A bronze hue running across the bride's face with bronze eye shadow, an incredible bronzer to compliment it, and deep lip color can give you the aesthetic and retro feel that you might want. We recommend that you pair a matte bronzer with your bronze hue that accentuates your face. Go with Charlotte Tilbury's well-renowned Airbrush bronzer. It blends in naturally and is one of the most highly recommended products of this year.


Believe it or not but the latest trends in bridal makeup all encourage minimalism. You do not have to put every product on your face for it to be a complete look. Experts recommend that a minimalistic look for a bride only requires a few basic makeup products. These include a well-suited base, sparkling eye makeup that goes well with the tone of the event, mascara, and a lip color that compliments the eye makeup. We recommend the Luminous Silk Foundation by Giorgio Armani to give you the most natural and alluring look on your day.