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Wedding DJ Plus

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Wedding bells and flutes! A wedding without a DJ is a little different from mere gathering or get-together because music feeds life to anything. Wedding DJ plus can attest to this. They’re an events and wedding hospitality company that have been providing music and entertainment for weddings for years, and if you’re curious to know exactly makes them so great, have a read below. It’ll be well worth your time.

· So, you’re more than just a DJ, aren’t you?

That is correct! Yes, we have DJs with several years’ worth of experience in providing a variety of excellent music and our emcees have mastered the art of engaging crowds, so to speak, but we offer considerably more services than that. Some of them are: Video and photography packages as well as photo booths and even social media.

· Packages? Social media? Can you elaborate on that, please?

Sure. There are packages for the services we offer and their prices vary, depending on the type of package you choose. DJ Packages start at $645, but that’s for our Gold Package. As the name implies, this package includes a host of great services, like dance lighting, professional sound system, and wireless mics. There are other packages too, so you can easily choose the one which best fits what you seek.

The same goes for the Photography Packages. The Gold Package goes for $1095, and for that, you’ll be getting over 4 hours of photography, duplicate and digital images. Regardless of which packages you choose or what you pay for, you’ll get nothing but the best service!

· Give us a more detailed list of the kind of events you cover, please

Alright. Weddings are prime, of course, but we cater to engagement and bachelor/bachelorette parties too. Many of our customers hire us to entertain at their anniversaries and birthday parties; others bring us in for debutante balls, sweet 16s, trade shows, corporate events, company and much more. If you’re hosting an event and need excellent music, Wedding DJ Plus will easily fill that need.

Thank you, Wedding DJ Plus. For our readers who are looking for great wedding DJs, just give Wedding DJ Plus a call. You can find them at 3111 S Valley View Blvd. #B-219, Las Vegas, NV 89102. Better yet, just contact them via their website:

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