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Winter Makeup Tips For Oily and Dry Skin for Natural Look

Updated: May 12, 2022

The fact that the sun sets before 5 p.m., itself is a drawback when it comes to maintaining healthy skin. But the long winter months allow you to explore gorgeous tones that would otherwise be too dark to wear in the colorful summer months. Furthermore, dry, flaky skin is a recurring issue that must be addressed. A few basic beauty suggestions: applying makeup when your skin is extremely dry or oily is possible, we have some tips from the very experienced AleuCo.’s makeup artist to assist you.

People have a lot of unanswered queries regarding makeup. Some people have oily skin, while others have dry skin and they seem to struggle to create the perfect look.

Winter Makeup Tips For Oily and Dry Skin

To save you from the hassle of going through the same experience again, here are winter-appropriate makeup ideas.

#1 Use Gentle Ingredients to Wash and Moisturize:

Choose a mild cleanser that eliminates makeup, tones, and cleanses without rinsing or allowing water to dry. Using an excellent moisturizer is certainly the last step before getting your makeup. "Products with hydrating and anti-inflammatory components to battle the flakiness and irritation that characterize winter skin," says Aleu Co.’s makeup artist. Whatever you use, make sure it's completely absorbed before applying makeup. This will help your skin stay soft and smooth, making it easier for you to apply makeup flawlessly, in the future.

#2 Select the Appropriate Foundation:

It's a guess-and-check technique to see what works for you as your skin changes. Work with thin layers and see what your skin requires, such as a few drops of facial oil/moisturizer in your foundation. It is a good way to start for people with dry skin.

Whether it's a CC cream that provides your skin a soft-focus effect while locking in moisture and relaxing redness, a BB cream with a built-in primer and up to 12 hours of staying power, or your foundation that you sheer out a bit with a tinted moisturizer, you should play with various products and see how your skin absorbs them throughout the day. Getting the application phase perfect is half the battle in achieving a great makeup look. Brushes and blenders are excellent choices to apply the right foundation. Apply foundation to your face using the bouncy blenders and the makeup sponge to mix and create coverage to your preferred level.

#3 Keep Your Smile Happy, Too:

Okay, we're not talking about your teeth, but it's necessary to exfoliate your lips to remove any dry, dead skin. Still on the moisturizing theme, lips can easily become dry and chapped just like your skin, so keep them in their best condition with lip balm. When wearing lipstick, put on a moisturizing lip balm to help the color spread and stay properly. Don't touch up with lipstick if your lips get dry while you're out having fun! “If you have opted for a romantic matte lip for a night out, instead of touching up with the lipstick you've used, which tends to get dry and flaky as the night goes on, apply a generous layer of tinted lip balminto your purse and touch up with it," Aleu Co.’s expert makeup artist advises.

#4 Wear Waterproof Mascara/Eye Shadow:

The usual cold, as well as cold wind, can make our eyes water. Make sure your eye make-up is tear-resistant so you don't end up with panda eyes when you're out and about in the winter. Not only that, make sure that the eye shadows that you use are waterproof too as it tends to get messy for people who have oily skin.

#5 Don’t Go Overboard on Other Makeup:

Because your skin is so sensitive and dry in the winter, it's best to reduce your product usage. On your cheeks, a little blush or bronzer would be enough. But the rosy redness from the chilly weather will go a long way naturally. Focus on your eyes, strong brows, and a simple eye shadow, like, one hue from your naked eye shadow palette.

#6 Make A Note Of It, But Don't Forget About It:

Setting spray is usually a good idea, but when you're attempting to hydrate, go for Hydration Spray which contains pomegranate and white tea leaf extracts, or Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray. Your makeup will no longer budge, and your skin will remain fresh all day.

All it takes is a little practice and a dash of bravery. AleuCo. is your one-stop for all your makeover needs. Aleu Co. ensures that your skin preferences are met and that you have a healthy glow. For special occasions such as a party or a wedding, Aleu Co. offers experienced party makeup artist services for assistance; you can also contact us via the internet.

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