We are always dedicated to show our clients that an appointment with AleuCo is not just getting makeup and hair done, it's a time to define and enhance your features. It's a time to try to take that vision you have of your ideal look a reality.





We have different experience levels of artists available to fit your budget but we do not pick and choose easily. They are top of their class and here at AleuCo we always follow the quality vs quantity rule.

Aimee's passion for beauty has influenced her early on at a young age. She began her journey from graduating at Beauty School and got her Cosmetology license.  After that, she continued on to get more training in Los Angeles by well-known Makeup Artists working on Celebrities.  While she was there, she was able to enhance her skills dramatically as a Makeup Artist and perfect her beauty techniques. She now resides in Las Vegas representing AleuCo but also travels back to California often for many of her repeating high end clients.

Aimee Nguyen


Tyler Joseph

Tyler is available for any Hair Styling, Makeup Artistry, Fashion Styling, and Wardrobe assistance. Tyler's experience is top of class and he is a very talented individual. His eye for detail in the beauty and fashion industry sets him apart from the competition. His private clientele has ranged from Florida, Southern California but now resides mostly in Las Vegas.

Roshi Pandey

Roshi graduated from L Makeup Artist Institute where they develop and place the best makeup artist and special makeup effects talent. Roshi's expertise is in Special FX, Airbrush and body painting for all occasions as well as hairstyling blowouts and bridal makeup. Roshi has done a wide range of work in different industries like weddings and even larger events with a large volume of clients in one day. Natural glam is also her expertise in this field especially this is part of the AleuCo brand.


Blanca Davila

Blanca is a skillful makeup artist and hairstylist with a decade of experience in the beauty industry. Her background ranges from hairstyling for a bridal to wavy hair for just a night out.

Blanca is constantly learning new techniques and keeps up with the new trends that change each season. She is a very detailed and a perfectionist who has lead to work with many high end clients and many designers.

Gabbie Gonzalez

Gabriella Gonzalez is a professional Makeup Artist from Covina, CA.
​As a child, Gabriella developed a strong desire to pursue makeup after showcasing her talents among her friends and family. After graduating at Elegance International School of Professional Makeup to gain more professional training from some of the best Makeup Artist in the industry. As an end result, she received the most outstanding makeup artist award in her class and a diploma that certified her as a professional artist! Gabriella's makeup services specialize in beauty, high fashion, SFX, and TV & film. She loves being on set, working with clients and artists, and lastly traveling to new locations to share her craft!


Shane Doucet

Shane is a Las Vegas native, she discovered her love for hair and make-up at a young age, working in her aunt’s salon. While sweeping hair, unrolling perms and helping around the shop, she would marvel at her aunt’s ability to make women look and feel beautiful. As a teenager, she would spend hours in her room recreating looks from fashion magazines, experimenting with colorful make-up on herself and friends, eventually doing hair and make-up for special events, like prom and homecoming. She then began a career with mobile agencies, creating looks for production teams, fashion photography, bridal parties, red carpet events, conventions, bachelorette parties, theatre engagements and so much more!

Marlene Maya

Marlene began her beauty journey in 2014. After working at Sephora, she decided to get her Cosmetology license at G Skin & Beauty Institute. Make Up and Hair are her passions, and she continues to branch out with each recent trend that is on the way! Being a professional dancer, she knows the importance of looking and feeling like a star with any type of service that is given. Whether you choose a soft romantic look or a full Hollywood glam, her versatility will please you!


Lin Razo

Lin started as a Makeup Artist at MAC in 2009 and started freelancing since 2013. She enjoys to work with different types of looks whether its an everyday casual look or something dramatic for a night out. Lin has taken a few courses to continue her education and to keep up with the latest makeup trends.

Amaia Binen

Born and raised in Chile, Amaia knew from an early age that art was going to be a significant part of her life. Her creative demeanor led her to becoming a photographer in 2013, and later concentrating primarily on fashion photography in 2015.  Upon traveling the world and seeking out new adventures, she stumbled upon her greatest passion: makeup artistry and hairstyling. This passion quickly sparked her fiery profession. Her fresh style captured the attention of the publics’ eye and landed publications in Elegant Magazine, Cosas Couture Magazine, and Issue Magazine. Amaia’s philosophy is to simply heighten each persons’ natural beauty for a clean, minimalist glow. With her prior experience as a photographer, she knows the secrets to enhancing a persons’ features to create a stunning portrait.  She looks forward to meeting new people and is open-minded to creating new ideas. Her perfectionist drive for beautiful results is a game-changer for clients!