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When the occasion calls for something more than your everyday look, the professionals of AleuCo Beauty Studio are standing by to get you glammed. Don’t let mediocre hair and makeup ruin your eveningwear. Come spend an hour or two with us before your girl’s night out, concert, or special event, and we’ll create a look that will turn heads all night long. Do you prefer a natural elegance or something a little bolder? We have the professional products and skilled technicians for any style you choose, including subtle or dramatic false lashes.

When an occasion requires more than your simple, daily look, the professionals at AleuCo Beauty Studio will be ready to glam you up at your doorstep. No matter what kind of look you prefer, our professional makeup artists and hairstylists will give you the most satisfactory results. All you need to do is communicate well with our friendly teammates and they will present exactly what you had in mind. Whether it be a simple, naturally elegant look or a bold and classy look, our skilled technicians will leave you staring in awe.

We believe that we must always use the best products and techniques to give our customers the best results, no matter how complicated the look is. You don’t have to ruin your day by spending hours in front of the mirror and accidentally messing up the entire look. All you have to do is book an appointment, sit back and relax while our professionals handle the rest.
Do you want us to create a look that will turn heads all night? Book an appointment now! But before you do, here are some of our services for special events in detail.

On What Special Events Should You Call for Us?

Here is a list of events where you can instantly call of AleuCo’s help and get your makeup and hair done without a hassle.

Girls Night Out:
Girls' night out can become a hassle if you don’t have enough time for outfits and makeup. So if you want to save some time for some pre-party fun while you look flawless as ever, then ring AleuCo. now! Our professional team of hair and makeup artists will create a perfect sexy look for your girls’ night out. Our high-quality products, paired with the most effective techniques, will result in a head-turning look for the night.

It can be so hard to decide which look to go for when heading out for a concert. Concerts require you to move around a lot, have fun in the weirdly lit halls. This makes it harder to choose a makeup look that makes your features pop in the dark. But don’t you worry, our experienced team of professional makeup artists can choose just the right option for you. You just have to sit back and relax while our professional team works the magic.


Photo Shoots:
Makeup looks and hairstyles for specific types of photo shoots can get very tricky. You need to match the theme and the vibe that the photographer needs to go with. One bad move on the hairstyle or the makeup look can completely ruin the look, and later on the entire photo shoot. To save you from such disasters, AleuCo.’s team of experienced makeup and hair stylists will give you the best suggestions and even better results.

Formal Dinners:
If you want to go for a simply elegant look for a dinner date or a formal dinner with your colleagues, but don’t know the right tricks to execute it? Well, worry no more because AleuCo. is here to save the day. Our mobile makeup and hairstyling service will glam you up in the comforts of your home.

What Do The Testimonials Say?
Many people from around our area of services have given hundreds of positive replies. They have described their experience as “extremely satisfied”, “just what I wanted”, “they saved the day” and many more. You can scroll through the website to check out the reviews from multiple testimonials. Or even better, book an appointment and judge by yourself!
Wait no more and book an appointment for your next special event now!

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