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An expert bridal hair and makeup artist understands how to enhance a bride's natural beauty while remaining true to themselves on her big day. A great stylist should understand that less is more; and brides want to look like themselves on their special day!

Be sure to ask your stylist to bring a touch-up kit including lipstick, lip gloss, powder, blotting papers, Q-tips and lash glue in order to maintain a flawless wedding day look despite tears! This will guarantee a stunning image throughout the entire ceremony!

1. Know Your Face Shape

A millennial bride wishes for the ideal look on her wedding day, which starts with knowing their face shape and finding an appropriate hairstyle that complements it. To achieve this ideal look, it's crucial that brides-to-be understand their facial structure so as to select an ensemble that complements it and choose a hairstyle which complements it perfectly.

Round faces look adorable when worn with voluminous, full hairdos that soften their roundness; square face shapes need soft waves to balance out their sharp features. Brides with heart-shaped faces can achieve various looks such as an elaborate high bun with headpiece and veil attached or side-swept braid.

Diamond face shapes feature narrow forehead and jaw lines with wide cheekbones, so styles that provide a soft balance are ideal. A polished bun or loose, wavy matha patti are suitable options; tight or sleek styles may only lengthen your face further.

2. Know Your Hair Type

Hair styles that complement your natural texture are essential in creating the ideal wedding day look. If you have curly locks, try bridal braids or loose ponytails for less frizzing; and for straight locks a side or center parting, bangs, or soft waves could complete the picture nicely.

If you have long hair, try creating an eye-catching style by opting for a low bun, half up style with flowing locks or glamorous waves to showcase its length. Beautiful pins and clips can add flair to an otherwise simple down hairstyle or keep bangs out of your face.

Search wedding blogs and the internet for images that highlight your hair type and length, then provide these to your stylist in advance so they are both on the same page.

3. Know Your Hairstyle

Your wedding day hairstyle can make or break your look. To find one that will compliment both your face shape and dress, select one with loose curls or waves that soften features on a square face shape and opt for loose waves with texture that create balance by emphasizing beautiful features like eyes or cheekbones. If you have an angular or heart-shaped face shape, texture may create more balance while emphasizing other parts of the face shape such as cheekbones.

Curly haired brides should experiment with free-falling strands or a messy bun with bangs to show off their natural beauty, while those with wavy locks can opt for beachy waves or mermaid braids; those with straight locks may wish to opt for sleek low ponytails, voluminous updos, or textural chignons as options.

Make sure that you schedule a hair trial 2-3 months before your wedding to determine how you would like your style. Rather, getting a haircut could alter how your hair appears on your special day if this occurs too close to your event.

4. Know Your Makeup Style

Your wedding day makeup should strike the perfect balance-it should make you look like yourself while at your absolute best. No one wants their photos to show unnatural or "overdone" hair and makeup applications!

Brides should find makeup artists they are comfortable with before beginning the planning process for their big day. Check Instagram and Pinterest to discover bridal beauty looks you like before checking their social media portfolio to witness their work first-hand.

Once you've chosen your stylist, ask them to demonstrate some examples of bridal makeup application and style - this will give an indication of their limits and approach towards creating your look.

5. Know Your Skin Tone

Understanding your skin tone is paramount when selecting makeup colors for your wedding day. Avoid creating an unnatural or clashing look by understanding which shades best compliment it.

There are a few straightforward techniques you can use to establish your skin tone. One approach involves holding up a white piece of paper or t-shirt against your face in natural lighting; if your complexion appears more pink and rosy than expected against it, that indicates cool undertones in your complexion.

If your skin has blue undertones, choose makeup hues that complement them. If you have light skin tones such as honey blonde or chocolate brown, choose warm tones such as honey blonde. Deeper complexions should experiment with pinks and reds but also look great in neutral hues like gray and deep beiges.

6. Know Your Eye Color

Your wedding day is an occasion that will live long in the memory, so to ensure you look your best in photos and memories, it is crucial that you work with a makeup artist that knows exactly what works for your skin type and complexion.

As much as possible, consult with them long before the big day to discuss your hair and makeup goals, and any major hair changes. Two weeks is an optimal window for making hair color changes as it gives time for you to adapt.

Also keep in mind that you should bring a touch up kit including blotting papers, powder and even some eyelash glue just in case of any mishaps - this will ensure you're shine-free and ready for close up shots!

7. Know Your Lip Color

One of the most essential steps you can take towards making sure that you look your best on your wedding day is finding a lipstick shade to complement your overall ensemble. But with thousands of hues, textures and finishes available to choose from! - finding the ideal hue can be difficult!

Brides with light skin tones should opt for bright pink or coral shades that stand out against their complexion, rather than darker lipstick shades that could blend in and look dull. For maximum effect, opt for lipglosses that stand out - instead opt for bold lipstick colors such as deep wine red and maroon hues that create contrast against your complexion.

Lipsticks tend to outlast glosses and be more moisturizing than lip stains; however, you and your HMUA need to decide which option best fits you! A great way to narrow down your choices and make this decision simpler for both of you is visiting a makeup store beforehand and trying out several colors before your big day - visiting will allow everyone involved a smooth process!

8. Know Your Eyebrow Style

Your eyebrow shape has an enormous influence on the overall aesthetic of your face. Instead of plucking to thin out and arch them, try gently shaping with a brow pencil or brush; this will produce more symmetrical results which enhance rather than overpower your features.

An effective way of discovering which shape suits you is through "brow mapping." Simply hold a pencil against one side of your nose, straight up over your eye, until its end hits your brow line - this point represents your arch point.

Booking your wedding hair and makeup team early is essential, as their availability can quickly fill up. Additionally, it's advisable to have both the hair trial and dress fitting on the same day so you can see how everything will come together.

9. Know Your Eyebrow Shape

Eyes are the windows to our souls; eyebrows are their curtains. For an effortless look, groomed and defined eyebrows should be groomed regularly - to get started try purchasing the Nails & Brows Mayfair Style Collection PS90 which contains an eyebrow kit including shaped pencil, highlighter and sharpener to help get started.

Your eyebrow should form approximately a 90 degree angle from the inner corner of your eye; don't mark this point exactly, though - doing so might leave you looking surprised on your big day! Wide set eyes should bring their arch in closer to bring their eyes closer together while those with close-set or longer faces would benefit more from having it move further out towards the edges of their faces.

Straight eyebrow shapes are another popular choice because of their adaptability; however, this style might not work as well for people with wider or inverted triangle / heart-shaped faces as it will accent this part of their features more prominently.

10. Know Your Eyebrow Color

Your wedding day will be captured forever in photos and videos, so it is imperative that your look is impeccable. By investing in professional hair and makeup services on this special day, you'll be sure to shine like a goddess on this momentous occasion!

To create natural-looking brows, select a sculpting pencil that complements your hair shade. Light blondes should use a golden blonde hue to provide clarity without appearing heavy, while medium blondes and dark blondes should opt for taupe brown and rich neutral brown according to celebrity brow sculptor Joey Healy.

Be sure to ask your beautician for a touchup kit, including blotting papers, powder, Q-tips and lash glue - this way if any spilled drinks or minor mishaps arise during your special event, they are easily addressed! Additionally, staying hydrated will allow your makeup artist to apply your look smoothly.

<![CDATA[10 Ways to Add Flowers in Your Hair as a Bride]]>https://www.aleuco.com/post/10-ways-to-add-flowers-in-your-hair-as-a-bride63ecf10e04b895319c0ab3a0Wed, 15 Feb 2023 15:40:13 GMTSudhir ShuklaAre you a bride-to-be looking for something special to wear in your hair on your big day? Look no further! Flowers are a classic, timeless way to add a unique flair to any bridal look. As a bride, you want to look and feel your best on your special day. You’ve likely spent months planning the perfect dress, hair, and makeup to make sure you look your absolute best. But why not add a unique and special touch to your bridal look with floral hairstyles and accessories? Not only will you look unique and beautiful, but you'll also be sure to make a statement with your look.

Here are some trends coming in from some of the best makeup artist in Los Angeles. From classic tiara styles to modern, boho -inspired creations.

Here are 10 ways to wear flowers in your hair as a bride:

1. Floral Crown :

Nothing says “bride” quite like a floral crown. This classic look is perfect for a rustic, boho-inspired wedding and will make you look like a real-life princess. A flower crown is a classic look for any bride, and there are so many different types to choose from. From traditional white roses to wildflowers, a flower crown can be a great way to add a special touch to your bridal look.

2. Floral Bun :

A floral bun is a great way to wear flowers in your hair without looking too over-the-top. You can use a variety of flowers to create a unique bun that will look beautiful with your wedding dress. It is an excellent way to add texture and interest to a classic bridal look. Place a few flowers around the bun to create a unique and romantic style.

3. Flower Headband :

If you're looking for something a little subtler, a flower headband is a great option. You can choose from a variety of fabrics and colors to create a unique headband that will perfectly complement your wedding dress. According to bridal makeup artist Los Angeles If you’re after a more modern look, try a floral headband. This style will add the perfect touch of elegance to your bridal look.

4. Flower Hairpins:

If you’re looking for a subtle way to add a touch of floral flair to your look, try a few strategically placed flower hairpins. With a couple of aesthetically placed hairpins you can achieve a subtle, yet elegant look. You could place a few flower clips in your hair at the front or the side for a beautiful and unique style.

5. Half-up Ponytail:

For a more modern and chic look, try a half-up ponytail. According to bridal makeup artist Los Angeles you can place a few flowers around the half-up portion of your hair and at the base of the ponytail for a beautiful and unique bridal look. It is a romantic style that can be taken to the next level with the addition of flowers.

6. Floral Halo:

A floral halo is a beautiful way to add a touch of glamour to your wedding day look. You can create a halo by weaving flowers such as roses, lilies or jasmine into a thin metal or plastic headband. It is a great way to add a more whimsical touch to your final look.

7. Floral Hair Comb:

If you want to add a touch of glamour to your bridal look, try a floral hair comb. This will add a touch of sparkle and a romantic edge to your hair. These are a great alternative to a classic headband or veil. You can choose from a variety of flowers to create a unique comb that will add a contemporary and minimalistic aesthetic to your look.

8. Floral Braids:

If you're looking to wear flowers in your hair without covering it completely, consider wearing a few small braids with flowers woven into them. This look is subtle, but still glamorous. These are a great way to add texture and volume to your bridal look.

9. Loosely Placed Flowers:

If you don’t want to go all-in with a flower crown, you can also loosely place flowers around your head. Place a few flowers in the front of your hair, on the side, or in the back to bring a soft and romantic vibe to your bridal look.

10. Flower Headpiece:

If you want to make a statement with your bridal look, consider wearing a flower headpiece. You can find headpieces made from a variety of materials, such as feathers, silk, and even crystal. We have saved the most dramatic for the last. This style has so much edge and adds great value to your complete look. You could also use a floral fascinator, which is a great way to add a touch of whimsy to your bridal look. You can find fascinators made from a variety of materials, such as lace, silk, and chiffon.

Flowers are such a versatile way to add whatever notes you want to add to your look. Whether your D-Day vibe is classic, boho, romantic, or the modern minimalist essence, flowers can be used in multiple ways to add value.

<![CDATA[7 Trending Bridal Hairstyles of 2023]]>https://www.aleuco.com/post/7-trending-bridal-hairstyles-of-20236377b572ddfb9caf67bc170fFri, 18 Nov 2022 16:44:07 GMTSudhir Shukla

Every girl dreams of being the perfect bride. This needs to exude from the minutest elements of the outfit, the makeup, the shoes, and most importantly the hair. As they say, never underestimate the power of a good hair day! If you are getting married and are looking to decide the different ways to style your tresses, then we have you covered.

Here are some of the trending bridal hairstyles of 2023, that are sure to make heads turn, and give your bridal look the finesse it deserves.

1- Waterfall Braid Waves:

Pinterest loves it and so do we. This is such a versatile hairdo. No matter the length of your hair, be it long or short, this hits the home run every time. It adds volume, character and so much effortless drama. The waterfall braid is also extremely elegant and easy to carry.

2- Twisted Floral Bun:

Want to go classic? What better than a bun! But, we are giving it the 22 edge, by adding twists and texture to the hair, to give it volume and depth. This hairstyle is for all those brides who want their shoulders and neckline to stand out. A beautiful addition to this could be some dainty flowers.

3- Baby's Breath Braid:

If you are a minimalist yet intricate bride, then this hairstyle is your bet. You could go for a pulled apart braid, or bun and delicately accessorize the texture with baby's breath flowers. It is really trending this wedding season, and is sure to give your hair an elevated elegance of sorts.

4- Disney Princess Braids:

Time to channelise your inner Jasmine and go for that voluminous and beautiful braid. Add some braiding to your crown and make it more dramatic. If you want a hairstyle that looks amazing and can remain put even after a night of dancing, then this is it.

5- Open Hair with Cornrow Braids:

This has to be our most favorite open haired option. This can single-handedly look so chic yet manageable. Generally brides try to abstain from open hair options, because they don't want their face framing to go for a toss, but this hairstyle saves you the horror of constant touch-ups. These cornrows create a statement hairdo like no other. They stay put, and look amazing.

6- Waves with a Centre Crown:

If you want your hairstyle to have a character centerpiece, then this is your pick. You can take any bejeweled accessory like a crown, or a floral headband, and create soft, romantic curls around it. You could take it from anywhere between a princess vibe to a bohemian Bella!

7- Bubble Curls:

For our brides, who have hair textures that are naturally thin and soft, then this is a game changer. These bubble curls will add so much volume an weight to your hair, and give it a unique uplift. You could then style it in a bun, a twisted hand hairdo, or a pulled apart braid. Though, we love the bubble braid bun option. They are a match made in heaven.

We hope that you have the wedding of your dreams and are sure that you will be a head-turner! Make your day extra special by zeroing down on the style vibe that you are aiming for and we are sure that you will be a dainty diva on your D-Day!

<![CDATA[How to take care of your dry Winter skin before your wedding?]]>https://www.aleuco.com/post/how-to-take-care-of-your-dry-winter-skin-before-your-wedding63778b0f58bf9cc79085dc7aFri, 18 Nov 2022 13:57:50 GMTSudhir Shukla

Best tips to take care of your dry winter skin before your wedding:

1- Eat Healthy-

It is a very natural phenomena that our body is eligible to produce all the minerals and vitamins required for our body growth. Eating healthy and beneficial food helps our body to maintain all the ageing- related hormones and balance it. You can observe changes in your face, how it glows when you eat green vegetables, fruits, salad and water enriched fruits.It helps our body to maintain growth of dead blood cells and live blood cells.

2- Use Natural Moisturiser oil

You might get numbers of moisturisers in a market like moisturiser cream, oil, rose water, glycerin, vaseline and antiseptic cream. Using Mustard, Cocunat, castor and olive oil specially in between baths helps your body to protect from harmful particles. As it does not allow all these particles to stick in your body.

3- Drink Plenty of water

In winter, as temperature sometimes goes to -ve degree temp. At this time most of us generally don’t feel thirsty. But our body needs it to dissipate internal heat. As per science drinking 5-7 litre of water is meant to be best to keep our body sustainably growing.

4- Protect Internal and External stressors:

We are living in a hectic and busy lifestyle world, where we generally find ourselves in stress mode. Most of us are unaware of how our lifestyle violates the functioning of our biological cycle and growth. Internal and external stress needs to be managed by making our daily routine healthy and protecting it from the outer world. Doing regular breathing exercises helps us a lot.

5- Avoid using harmful cream:

Being a human being, our human behaviour tends to lure towards attractive things available in the market. Most of the available Cream might be not suitable for our skin type. So, we must be very careful while using it, to protect our body from harmful materials.


Lustrous, shiny, glorious and healthy skin is our kind of skin. Skin is our body protector, it protects us from harmful rays, dust, particles and liquid.Nourishing it is our sole most responsibility, make it healthier, shinny and lovely by following above mentioned tips.Once you follow it in proper way, you may soon see the changes in your skin. Make your wedding season most memorable, joyfull, shiny like your glowing and healthy skin. Let’s bride and bridegroom look as the centre of attraction among all the guests. You can also make yourself most beautiful in the wedding season without compromising your choices. Your skin must be soft and beautiful like a little growing baby, who just uses Jhonson baby cream and olive oil.

<![CDATA[10 Magical Wedding Makeup Looks for Your Big Day]]>https://www.aleuco.com/post/magical-wedding-makeup-looks62c55a4cd120a6dcb6c8023fWed, 06 Jul 2022 12:12:29 GMTSudhir Shukla

magical wedding looks

There are so many updated makeup styles, alternative makeover trends to pick from. So it can be tough to choose the appropriate wedding makeup look for your special day. To save you from the hassle, AleuCo has compiled a list of the stunning makeup trends for different brides to make your big day a little easier to plan.

Here are Top 10 Wedding Makeup Looks in 2022

1. No Makeup Wedding Look

The no makeup wedding look has become one of the most preferred looks among brides. If you want to look simple, attractive, and stunning, this is the way to go. On your wedding day, let your inner beauty come through. To indicate that you are gorgeous, you do not need to wear a lot of cosmetics. Natural and clean makeup looks are now more valued and cherished than ever before.

2. Natural Wedding Look

Something you don't need on your wedding day is to be concerned about the makeup, also if it will stay, smell fresh, and look as good as it did when you first put it on. Natural makeup mostly focuses on shiny, dewy skin type and also neutral colored eye shadows; great for assuring all-day wearability. Nudesshades of lips on your wedding day would mean no colored smearing after your ceremony it won't be apparent if you can't touch it up frequently.

3. Extravagant Wedding Look

You can always achieve a romantic makeup look for your wedding while making a statement. Use thick long lashes with eyeliner with smoky dark tones for a more dramatic look. To make your eyes pop, use a pencil-liner in the waterline area. For small looking eyes, opt for eyeliner in liquid form with a tiny wing to help the eyes to look longer. Pick a nude shade of lip to keep with the dramatic motif, as a bold lip can be a little too dramatic.

4. Full-of-Glam Wedding Look

A magnificent bridal style will elevate your wedding ensemble by emphasizing your best features most appealingly. You can try keeping your eyebrows clean and also natural, and your eyes bright. Apply a good amount of mascara to both sides of your lashes, and don't scare away applying artificial eyelashes if you have shorter lashes. For someone who’s looking for a much soft yet stunning look, one can utilize a copper colored eye pencil to add texture to the upper lash line and blend it well this way line isn't harsh. To achieve a seamless look, make sure you coordinate the lip, cheeks, and eye shadow colors.

5. Smokey Eye looks for the Wedding

For your special day, you can accomplish romantic smoky makeup without the overall look being too messy or black. Build a darker shade on the outer side of the eye and a lighter shade on the eyelid with a charcoal grey palette. If ashy hues aren't your thing or don't suit your skin tone, go for sensual plum tints instead, and you'll still be able to pull off the smoky look.

6. Exclusive Red Wedding Lips Look

A red lip has always been a beauty staple since it is timeless and classic. This particular look is a sure-shot way to pull off a magnificent wedding look. It is an excellent option if you are looking for a daring, modern style.

7. Classic Wedding Look

A classic makeup look is ideal for your very special wedding day since it is elegant, timeless. Simple eye makeup with velvety browns and, depending on your eye shape, a clean-cut eyeliner will help you achieve this look. Try a dark brown eyeliner instead of black, paired with rose-pink lipstick, to soften the appearance even further.

8. Beach Wedding Look

Everyone fantasizes about having a beach wedding. With the dewy makeup and bronzed tone of the skin with a nude lip of cool undertone gloss for the ideal beach babe look. To achieve a sun-kissed complexion, use a dewy primer which will help you to prepare the skin. With champagne eye shadow, keep brows bushy and natural.

9. Winter Wedding Look

Because winter is known for drying up your skin, make sure it's hydrated, prepared, and covered with a foundation type whether it is liquid or cream. Additionally, a bold and bright lip on the special day of your wedding will add more glitz to your look — for the best winter color, try for plum, berry, and red wine tones. Allow the lipstick by keeping the lids simple and not too dramatic.

10. Boho Wedding Look

Boho bridal makeup is the most romantic look for the big day, and it's also the easiest to do. Priming skin with an illuminator for a bright, radiant base will keep it dewy and natural. To keep your makeup simple, apply pastel rose lipstick. Match your eye shadow to the colors in the flower arrangement if you are wearing a floral crown.

Now that you know the ten different makeup styles, you can confidently look your best on your big day. AleuCo ensures that their services are affordable and that they fulfill your skin's requirements with the most trendy makeup look. Wait no more and contact AleuCo for an appointment now!

<![CDATA[Makeup Hacks: Know Basic Makeup Tips and Tricks You Can Do at Your Home!]]>https://www.aleuco.com/post/basic-makeup-tips-and-tricks62bec66a95cd7b8469016cebFri, 01 Jul 2022 10:57:51 GMTSudhir ShuklaVisiting the salon is a hassle that most people don’t want to go through for functions. Traveling alone would waste a lot of your time which means knowing a bit about make-up can save you time as well. For this, you’ll have to all the tips and tricks about makeup. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional, these tips will be the kind of hacks you never knew you needed.

We’ve gathered some of the most trending and useful tips and tricks for basic and natural makeup.

The primer should go with the foundation

Primer is a life saver for girls who use makeup in their daily lives. If it doesn’t go hand in hand with your foundation, it wouldn’t blend easily. Make sure that it goes amazingly with your foundation so you can have a lovely base finishing.

Spoon for mascara

This is a major hack for beginners that will make blending the makeup pretty easy. Use a spoon to put on your mascara with careful precision. This way it wouldn’t be found on your lids. Sometimes doing something delicately like applying mascara can leave your hands seeming shaky. This can ruin all the eye makeup you’ve done before applying your mascara, making them black and runny. Just place a spoon above your eyelid and run the mascara across your eyelashes. You’ll be done in half a minute.

Concealer on eyelids

For brown girls, it’s a struggle to have dark under-eyes along with dark eyelids. This always tempts us to cover both of them with a concealer or foundation. While putting on a layer of concealer or foundation on your under-eyes can be a good choice, you shouldn’t do this with your eyelids. This would completely ruin your eye makeup, making it creasy. The creases will eventually appear after some time of putting on the concealer or foundation.

Heat-up eyelash curler

Have a problem with your eyelash curler not having a lasting effect on your eyelashes? Just curl up the tool with a hair dryer by blasting hot air on it. However, you should be careful when you apply it to your eyelashes. You don’t want your lashes to get burned. Just wait a bit for the curler to get cool and then curl your lashes with it. Just like a curling wand heats up to curl our hair for a long time, the same goes for this eyelash curler. That’s how you’ll get a great eyelash curler for yourself.

Avoid peach fuzz

Most of us have small hairs on our faces. When applying foundation do it in a downward stroke. If you do it in an upward stroke, it will change the direction of all the hairs, giving you a peach fuzz look. This would create texture on your face from the foundation. Make sure you do all of this with absolute care by using your fingertips to blend the foundation more nicely. Fingertips are better than a brush or even a beauty blender when applying foundation.

Final Words:

When you’re a makeup beginner, you have no idea what to do with all these things. You’ll have to be open to all options and tricks to make it easier for you to apply makeup. All of the basic makeup tips and tricks mentioned above are the best ways you can apply makeup to yourself. This would lead to a lot of essential learning that is not only for beginners but professionals as well. Hope these basic makeup tips and tricks are a huge help for you.

<![CDATA[Best Makeup Brands To Buy In 2022]]>https://www.aleuco.com/post/best-makeup-brands-to-buy6295eb03acd3adc01605c2f4Tue, 31 May 2022 10:27:43 GMTSudhir ShuklaThe beauty industry is growing at a breakneck pace in the market, and so are the beauty gurus. With so much exposure to makeup products, the minds of fashion enthusiasts are flooded with a lot of options. Every day, a new makeup company comes up with an incredible range of products, as if the existing ones were not enough. And if not the new, the existing ones keep coming up with innovative products every week.

It makes the selection process of makeup a hassle for enthusiasts. Instead of scrolling hours and hours through the internet for the best makeup products.

Here are the best makeup brands you can swear by in 2022.


When we talk about the best makeup brands, no one can be as good as Maybelline. The long-lasting and pigmented makeup is known for its affordability, which suits the pockets of everyone. Maybelline has always come up with products that stay for 12-24 hours and meet all skin tones. Thus, you will not have to worry about the versatility of the products.

Furthermore, besides the variety in foundations and concealers, the product range has always shown the variety in lip products too. It is known for coming up with an innovative shade every time, that too at affordable prices.


Talking about the next best brand, Nyx has always been on the top list. Incepted in 1999, Nyx has always come up with new formulas, breaking the stereotypes. From eyeshadows to lip colors, the brand has always focused on the pigmentation of the products. Thus, every product of the brand is immensely pigmented.

Among all the features of the brand, the size and packaging take the cake. You will never see gigantic eyeshade palettes or broad packaging of the concealers. Nyx has always made an easy-to-handle packaging so that you can travel with the products. From the “Can't Stop won't Stop Foundation” to the Professional Brow Pencil, everything can easily come in a pouch. Lastly, how can we forget the affordability of the brand? All the makeup products come under your budget.


When talking about makeup products, this one has to be on the list. Mac started as a luxurious brand and an all-time favorite of all the makeup artists. With its Studio Fix Range and Ruby Woo Lip color, it revamped the makeup industry in no time.

Since then, it kept on adding innovative products to its range which have always kept the customers delighted. It has always met the demands of all the hair and makeup artists in NYC and other areas. A lot of luxurious brands have entered the market recently, but no one can take away the charm, charisma, and loyalty Mac has. It is because, in a pretty decent range, Mac products suit every climate and skin type, unlike other brands.

Fenty Beauty

The founder of the brand, Rihanna, has always been known for bringing innovations to the industry. It seems like the star got bored with restricting her innovation to the red carpet only. Thus, the brand, Fenty Beauty is living proof of how desperately Rihanna wants innovations in every part of the world.

Fenty Beauty needed no marketing when it came into the industry. But it soon gained customer loyalty because of its amazing products. No one had seen a beautiful and super-blendable purple blush and lip color before. Moreover, no one had seen an eccentric electric blue lip color or 50 shades of foundations launching at the same time. Fenty Beauty broke all barriers in no time.


No matter how amazing the makeup brands are, they cannot beat the versatility and quality of the above-mentioned brands. If you want to fill in your makeup bag in no time, get your hands on the above makeup brands and make the best makeup collection in no time.

<![CDATA[4 Best Nude Lip Shades To Amp Up Your Beauty Game]]>https://www.aleuco.com/post/4-best-nude-lip-shades-to-amp-up-your-beauty-game6259432d91943099bd53ba05Fri, 15 Apr 2022 10:13:03 GMTSudhir ShuklaWe all are well aware that fashion and beauty trends change every year. Except for a few who like innovations, it is nothing but a hassle for all. Getting a perfect shade that matches us is not an easy task to do. And now that the trend has changed from bold lip colors to nude ones, it has become a lot more challenging.

There is no denying that bold lip colors give freshness to our faces effortlessly. But you have to put in a lot of effort with nude ones. And what can we possibly do, after all, nude lip colors are the new trend. To solve all your queries, we have saved you from trouble. These 4 nude shades are a must-have in your beauty bag.

Here are 4 lip shades to elevate your makeup game:

1. Nude Brown

The concept of a nude color started with nude brown lip color, thus, it has to be on top of the list. Although many people are scared to flaunt this shade but trust me, it can become your go-to shade in no time. If you have put a little bit of a concealer and light pink blush, this brown nude color should be your go-to.

The problem arises when people just blindly pick up the shade. Brown nude shade comes in different sub-shades too. Thus, you have to pick your preference and the one that suits you best. For those who are too lazy to wander around the markets, here is your shade. This incredible shade goes perfectly with every skin tone.

2. Fairest Nude

Fairest nude is yet another lip color that can amp up your beauty game in no time. Unlike the name suggest, it is a bit darker than the regular brown nude shade. Thus, you can blindly pick this shade and it will suit you well.

However, there is a clear difference between the fairest nude shade and a dark brown shade. If you want to move with the makeup trends, get your hands on the nude one. To make things simpler, you do not have to roam around the markets anymore. Get this fairest nude hydrating lip color and nail the events.

3. Pinkish Nude

The pinkish nudes are yet another go-to makeup look. From a teenager to a woman, every girl is obsessed with a pinkish shade. It makes the lips look natural. Thus, if you want to slay without doing some effort, add a collection of pink shades to your bag.

The pinkish nude shade has become one of the path-breaking shades that have gained the confidence of many girls. If you do not want to scroll through the internet to get your perfect shade, grab this all-rounder and glam up your game.

4. Purple Nude

We know it might sound a bit unacceptable to you. After all, how can a person wear a purple shade? But trust me, a purple nude shade looks flawless on lips. With the idea to bring something unique and innovative, this lip color can easily be your go-to one if you want to change your look from the regular ones.

The muse liquid matte is the best one in this category so far. Although it is a bit costly, trust me, it is worth every penny.


There is no denying that the beauty trends keep on changing and it is hard to match them all. This is why we have narrowed down the trendy products for you. All you have to do is grab these products and you will look breathtaking at every party. Be it a wedding or a formal event, the nude colors will fit in all.

<![CDATA[3 Jennifer Anniston's Best Haircut to Make You Rachel in Real Life]]>https://www.aleuco.com/post/3-jennifer-anniston-s-best-haircut-to-make-you-rachel-in-real-life625937d458ae1b386f076f90Fri, 15 Apr 2022 09:37:31 GMTSudhir ShuklaThe all-time TV season, Friends, is famous for more than just Chandler’s jokes and Ross’s divorces. While the makers wanted to give people a dramatic storyline and something to laugh about, all audiences drooled over was Rachel’s hair. And not just for one or two seasons, but for the whole 10 seasons. Isn't it surprising?

Rachel truly played with her hair a lot. From adding extensions to making shoulder-level haircuts, the variety of the hair is unmatchable. But who has time to binge-watch all 10 seasons again to find the perfect one?

Well, you do not have to worry about it anymore. Read the article ahead to find out the best Rachel hair that will suit everyone.

Here are the three all-time favorites Jennifer Anniston haircuts to make you Rachel in real-life:

Shoulder-length bob haircut

This is not your ordinary shoulder-length haircut that every salon does. Instead, it is the infamous “The Rachel” haircut. This bob cut got famous for its shoulder-skimming length, golden streaks, and swishy layers that every salon now follows.

This chic haircut first made its appearance in season 1 and people got crazy about it. And why not, this classy hairstyle is all in one offer. The volume of the hair and sassy movements is all the girls want in a haircut, and this cut offers more than that.

Despite all the love, Anniston never liked her haircut. She stated it as one of the ugliest hair she had ever seen. But it's too late for you, Jen. The world has already become obsessed with these bob haircuts.

Hair Extensions

Jen has always been versatile with her outfit and hair, especially in Friends. Season 6 took a new turn in the famous series, and not storywise, but for Jen’s haircut wise. She ditched all her mundane short hair and made an appearance with sleek long hair extensions. They had a middle parting and went all the way to the lower back.

Furthermore, the chic brown color with a silky flat look enhanced the hairstyle. You might be wondering how someone can nail flat hair, after all, flat hair is a nightmare. But let us not forget, she is Jennifer Anniston. She can nail everything that comes in front of her.

Wavy hair edition

There is a reason we say Rachel is unmatchable. The stunning actress is not just famous for pulling straight hair. She also played with wavy hair for a few seasons, which got as famous as the previous ones.

Season 7 was supposed to be famous for Monica and Chandler’s wedding. After all, it was the most unpredictable event. But who had thought in their wildest dreams that Rachel’s wavy hair would steal the thunder?

That’s right. The wavy hair Rachel appeared with got famous for its sleek and trendy style. The longer look with more towards the messier side enhanced the look. Moreover, the middle parting was a cherry on top.

For those who have straight sleek hair and using a curling iron, every day is not an option, you can ditch the natural hair with curly hair extensions. They are not just easy to use but give you the same chic look Rachel flaunts every time.


Have you ever found yourself sitting in the salon and thinking about the perfect hairstyle? In that moment of sheer, you might be wondering, what would Rachel do?

Well, we have solved all the mysteries and confusions. Blindly pick any of the above hairstyles and be the next Rachel in your generation.

<![CDATA[Top 3 Hairstyles To Go With Every Outfit]]>https://www.aleuco.com/post/top-3-hairstyles-to-go-with-every-outfit6259325795c20143da3d3252Fri, 15 Apr 2022 09:04:24 GMTSudhir ShuklaYou are not a true fashion freak if you hadn't had the problem of what to do with your hair. Styling your hair has become a bit of a hassle these days, especially when people have started noticing it a bit more.

You can get a chic outfit from everywhere and a no-makeup look can be your life savior, but when it comes to hair, you get into a bit of trouble. But not anymore. Here are the three best hairstyles you can wear with every outfit.

3 hairstyles to go with every outfit:

1. Sleek bun

A simple and chic sleek bun leads the pack when we talk about making a go-to hairstyle. And if you think it is difficult to make, we have found the easiest steps for you to make it. Here it goes:

a. Shampoo and condition your hair to make it frizz-free and give it a sleek look.

b. Towel dry your hair and brush it down to eradicate tangles.

c. Make it the middle part and brush through both sides.

d. Gather your hair from both sides and secure it with a ponytail.

e. Split the ponytail into two sections and split each section to make a bun.

f. Add some hairspray and rock the events.

The best part about a simple and chic bun is that it can go with every outfit. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about keeping a check on your hair after every hour. Due to the shampoo and hairspray, it remains in its place throughout the day.

If you are looking for a frizz-free shampoo to make the best bun, here is what you have been looking for.

2. Messy braid

The messy braid is yet another hairstyle that has made life easier for many celebrities. Messy braids can make you look like a cute little princess effortlessly. This is why many celebrities such as Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber always opt for this look, even at red carpet events. Moreover, you do not have to be a perfectionist or a makeup artist either to make it.

Just follow these simple steps and be your stylist:

a. Comb your hair roughly and do a middle parting with a comb

b. Make three sections to make a braid at the bottom

c. Bring all the sections to a side you want your braid to be.

d. Start making a simple braid, but not too tight, and secure it with a rubber band.

e. Take your comb and loosen all the sections of the braid.

f. Make sure not to loosen it too much so that the hair starts to come out from the braid.

g. Add hairspray to the braid and secure the loose hair with some bobby pins.

The chic messy braid adds a trendy look to the style, thus, it is a go-to look for many. So get your tail comb and bobby pins and make the best braid.

3. Simple front braids

If you do not want your long and stunning hair to be tied down, then try this look. The simple front braids came into fashion and since then, it has become an obsession. Although it is simple to make, it gives a unique look to the style which seems like a lot of effort has been done.

However, you just need to follow some simple steps:

a. Take the three strands from the front.

b. Start making the regular braid, but move the strands from underneath the other strands.

c. Take a little strand of hair at each step and bring it to the back.

d. Secure it with a bobby pin and add hairspray.


Gone are the days of thinking all day long about the perfect hair. With these simple hair hacks, you can look flawless at every event and party.

<![CDATA[Brushes vs Beauty blender: A beginner's guide]]>https://www.aleuco.com/post/brushes-vs-beauty-blender-a-beginner-s-guide625923a7f894d39947343a69Fri, 15 Apr 2022 08:01:29 GMTSudhir ShuklaMastering makeup is not an easy task to do. You need a lot of effort and skills. And in today's world, it has become a hassle. Gone are the days of using just your fingers and two brushes. The beauty world has confused beginners with uncountable makeup tools.

From mini and big beauty blenders to dozens of types of brushes, you truly need a degree to learn makeup. Fortunately, you are just at the right place. Read ahead to know all about the beauty tools mystery.

Here is a makeup beginner’s guide to beauty blender vs makeup brushes

The art of beauty blender

Incepted in 2003 by the company beauty blender, this little tool has revamped the beauty industry. Who knew that a small sponge could be used for thousands of things? Especially when it comes to foundation. The common concern when applying the foundation is that it does not blend flawlessly. That is, it leaves a lot of creases and layers. But thanks to the infamous blender, it does not happen anymore.

Working as a foolproof, this magic tool can reach all your awkward areas such as around the nostrils and under the eyes. Furthermore, it blends your foundation miraculously, dabbing in all the foundation. So if you want a flawless look in the affordable range, we recommend you real technique miraculous sponge.

The art of brushes

Makeup has started to involve a lot of technicalities. From doing a perfect wing liner to a cut crease makeup look, it needs skills. And these skills are completed with a set of a remarkable makeup brush set. While a beauty blender helps to give a flawless look, makeup brushes are just as important.

Brushes are especially needed when you need to apply powdered products such as blush and highlighter. In these cases, the beauty blender will grasp all of the product and you will be left with just a plain canvas.

Furthermore, a set of eye makeup brushes can make you do wonders. You can create any of the complex looks you want. If you are looking for a perfect makeup brush set, here is a perfect makeup brush set to save your day.

A basic difference

If both of the products help in applying smooth makeup, then what is the difference between them? Well, the makeup brushes are the best to put foundation on your face. If you use a beauty blender for this step, it might soak up all the product.

Once you have laid the foundation, it is now time to use the beauty blender. A beauty blender is the best to press the product into the skin for a seamless finish. The same thing applies to concealers. While doing makeup, lay the concealer with a brush and blend it with a blender.


Talking about the applications, both the magic tools have completely different applications. To make it easier for you to understand, narrow it down to a simple formula. Makeup brushes are the best for all powder products while a beauty blender is the best for all cream products.

Thus, if you want to apply a cream contour, use a beauty blender. And for the powder blush, use a brush. Furthermore, brushes have different shapes and precisions, unlike blenders, thus, to create a complex and fancy look, you will have to use the brushes.


There is no debate about which product is better than the other here. Both the tools are important in their ways. Therefore, as a beginner, you should know how to use and apply them perfectly. Get your hands on both products and be the next makeup artist in line.

<![CDATA[Bridal Makeup Trends You Need to Check Out In 2022]]>https://www.aleuco.com/post/bridal-makeup-trends-you-need-to-check-out61ea542047e2ba00160f2c08Fri, 21 Jan 2022 06:51:48 GMTSudhir ShuklaAfter months of staying indoors with the pandemic, brides are ready to glam it up with all new makeup looks on their special day! Everyone around the world is into big celebrations, and weddings are no less. We notice that many new wedding-day makeup looks are making rounds on the internet.

Bridal Makeup Trends

Without wasting any more time, let’s look at the top bridal makeup trends that you need to check out in 2022 if your big day is just around the corner.

1. Natural, Skin-Focused Look

Many people focused on their skincare routine during the pandemic. Various minimal makeup looks were trending throughout the pandemic. Now that the time has come for them to shine, brides want to show off their radiant skin instead of hiding it behind makeup.

Many brides request a natural look on their wedding day because they don’t want to cover up their skin, and we are all for it! We recommend you go with water-based foundations to keep your skin hydrated. It will also provide a supportive glow to your skin. Finish off the natural look with a bit of bronzer and blush, and that is it!

2. Glowing Look with Light Shades

The right amount of highlighter is crucial for your makeup. However, do not put in too much that it ends up looking extra in well-lit areas. The best kind of makeup is the one that comes with loaded blush to balance the whole look. If you are going for a glowing makeup look, it will require highlights at various stages.

This helps to give your makeup a very natural and subtle look—furthermore, a natural glowing look pairs very well with light shades of lipsticks. You can go with pink, mauve, or any nude shade that you like. Several makeup artists around the globe recommend light shades to pair with your dress on your big day.

3. Sophisticated Look

The pandemic has also encouraged a lot of brides to walk down that aisle wearing little to no makeup. There have been many elegant brides who have pulled off subtle no-makeup-makeup looks in their weddings and made everyone’s jaws drop.

If you opt to walk the aisle in subtle makeup, keep it classic and clean. We recommend using a light pink shade for your lips and slightly blushing up your cheeks. This look screams elegance and sophistication in its true form.

4. A Retro Touch

You can go with a retro touch and pair it with gold eyeshadow. The vibe of this look focuses on staying soft but bold at the same time. The eye shadow stands out to be the defining element in the face.

Try winged eyeliner with it for a trip down memory lane to the glimmering days of glamour when this look was first in the buzz. The overtones of this look are natural and bold. However, you can also pick out another retro look, one that you adore and feel comfortable carrying, and recreate it for your big day.

5. Radiant with Glow

Brides of all complexions are opting to go for matte and radiant looks. The right amount of highlighter can help your makeup pop for both indoor and outdoor photography and make your skin glow.

We recommend that you pair this look with gold eye makeup and a nude shade of lipstick. However, you can also choose to go bold with your lip color. Artists have regarded this look to be one of the most pleasing makeup looks in all their recent brides so far.

6. A Contoured Look

You can pair your stunning wedding gown with an alluring look by trying a contoured complexion. Contouring helps to finely improve the stubborn areas of your skin and is much more long-lasting than other options. A contoured face paired up with a glam eye look and defined brows can elevate your look by a dozen times.

Makeup artists mostly prefer this look for outdoor or early-afternoon ceremonies. In the past, many brides have taken their vows looking stunning in glam eye makeup with contour, with their makeup standing out in all their wedding photographs as well.

Final Words:

These were our top favorite bridal makeup trends you need to check out in 2022 if you are waiting to walk down the aisle on your big day. Your bridal day makeup should be all about representing you, whether you opt for a soft, bold, glamorous, or trendy look. We recommend checking out AleuCo makeup artists for a high-definition bridal makeup look.

Make sure to work with a distinguished look and be elegant. Furthermore, we recommend that you pick your makeup look and intensities depending on if your event is based indoor or outdoor. There may be many subtle but important makeup details varying between the two, which can make you look beautiful on your big day.

<![CDATA[HD Makeup vs. Airbrush Makeup: Which One to Choose To Get a Flawless Look?]]>https://www.aleuco.com/post/hd-makeup-vs-airbrush-makeup61d6b80440d41300166451eeThu, 06 Jan 2022 09:46:28 GMTSudhir ShuklaWhen booking an expert for your big day, you'll normally be asked if you want an airbrush or HD makeup. But what is the difference between the two, and which is superior? AleuCo breaks down and explains each form of makeup. On the day of the event, everyone wants to look beautiful and perfect. With so many different makeup types on the market these days, deciding which one will fit you might be tough. Airbrush makeup and HD makeup are still two of the most popular options.

HD Makeup vs. Airbrush Makeup

Here is a simple guide on what these forms of makeup are and which one can get you a flawless look.

#1 What is Airbrush Makeup All About?

Airbrush makeup is applied in a different way than traditional makeup. Airbrush heads are used to spray tiny spots of liquid pigment onto the skin. This is mostly because you must purchase a separate instrument as well as a cartridge to use with it. Makeup artists must also learn how to operate this equipment, as there is a science to determining how much to spray. It is more hygienic to use airbrush makeup. Airbrush makeup is applied without the use of fingers, brushes, or sponges. This lowers the risk of contamination.

For Oily Skin Or Those With Wide Pores, Airbrush Makeup Is The Way To Go:

There are two types of airbrush makeup: water-based and silicone-based. The latter is a silky, satiny matte finish that fills in pores and creates a silky, satiny appearance. Because the machine sprays tiny dots of product onto the face, flawlessly hiding pores. Airbrush makeup is more water-resistant and lasts longer. If you select waterproof airbrush makeup, which is an option, your makeup will stay put even if you weep, sweat, or run around all day.

Airbrush Makeup Is Costly, And Not Every Artist Is Skilled In The Technique:

Airbrush makeup necessitates the use of specialized equipment, whether it's the machine or the liquid pigments that go into it. You'll also need to work with a qualified expert who knows how to use airbrushing tools to achieve a beautiful cosmetics appearance. Someone untrained can apply too much blush and make your makeup seem ludicrous.

#2 What is HD Makeup?

HD makeup is applied with typical makeup techniques, but it also includes the use of HD makeup materials that have been particularly developed to photograph well in front of HD cameras and studio lights.

In Front Of Lights And Cameras, HD Makeup Offers You A More Skin-Like Appearance:

Because HD cameras pick up on everything, it will show if your foundation is too cake-y or your powder is too light. To brighten the skin and give it a skin-like sheen, HD makeup is prepared with materials that contain silica, mica, or quartz. All of these items are tested in front of lighting to check if there is a flashback or if they appear too cake-y, and then manufactured in such a way that the camera does not mislead you.

For Someone With Dry Skin, HD Makeup Is Preferable:

For dry skin, creamy creams that don't emphasize crusty flakes or dry out the skin to the point of flaking are crucial. As a result, airbrush makeup is inappropriate for such individuals. HD makeup allows you to utilize products that are better suited to dry skin because it creates a dewy effect.

HD makeup is recommended for anyone with texture, whether it's acne, pimples, or flakes. Such roughness is difficult to conceal with airbrush makeup, which emphasizes flakes and unevenness. As a result, SKIN with acne or flakes should go for HD makeup.

Which Is Preferable: HD Makeup Or Airbrush Makeup?

At the end of the day, the price difference between HD cosmetics and the more expensive airbrushing option is significant. When choosing one, keep in mind your overall budget, your skin type, and how long you want it to last.

  • Airbrush makeup should not be touched up, but HD makeup can be readily touched up.

  • HD makeup is similar to ordinary makeup, but it uses specific materials that allow it to be quickly touched up.

  • In HD makeup, it's easy to locate the proper hues and undertones, where as airbrush makeup has a limited palette.

  • Although airbrush makeup appears to be light, HD makeup appears to be very natural.

Finally, it is determined by your skin type.

However, even though HD makeup is less expensive, it is more customizable. To seal in HD makeup and enhance its duration, use a decent setting spray at the end for a natural look. However, you won't be able to customize airbrush makeup to suit your skin if it's dry and flaky. Given all of this, we recommend debating whether or not to use airbrush makeup.

ALEUCO ensures to provide you pocket friendly and that they meet your skin's needs ALEUCO.COM you can also contact us via the internet.

<![CDATA[2022 Wedding: Bridal Makeup Latest Trends to Follow!]]>https://www.aleuco.com/post/wedding-bridal-makeup-latest-trends61d6afe6387c7d0016b90b22Thu, 06 Jan 2022 09:23:58 GMTSudhir ShuklaTrends come and go from time to time, and not just for wedding dresses and festivities but also for wedding makeup looks. Last year's trending makeup looks may not be in style this year, but there are tons of new ones to look forward to.

Bridal Makeup Latest Trends

Let's check out these latest bridal makeup trends to follow on your big day and make that makeup pop with our recommended list of products.

Bronze Hues

A bronze hue running across the bride's face with bronze eye shadow, an incredible bronzer to compliment it, and deep lip color can give you the aesthetic and retro feel that you might want. We recommend that you pair a matte bronzer with your bronze hue that accentuates your face. Go with Charlotte Tilbury's well-renowned Airbrush bronzer. It blends in naturally and is one of the most highly recommended products of this year.


Believe it or not but the latest trends in bridal makeup all encourage minimalism. You do not have to put every product on your face for it to be a complete look. Experts recommend that a minimalistic look for a bride only requires a few basic makeup products. These include a well-suited base, sparkling eye makeup that goes well with the tone of the event, mascara, and a lip color that compliments the eye makeup. We recommend the Luminous Silk Foundation by Giorgio Armani to give you the most natural and alluring look on your day.

A Monochromatic Pink Look

Among the many tones of minimalistic makeup, monochromatic pink looks are preferred by brides around the globe. Using a bright pink blush to elevate the basic makeup, you can make your matching pout as fresh as it can be. This choice works exceptionally well for brides who are looking for a daylight wedding makeup look. For your pink look, we recommend NARS's Angelika blush. The product is our absolute favorite for minimal outdoor looks for a soft and diffused finish.

Go for Liquid Highlighters

We recommend that you refrain from using powder highlighters at all costs. They do not look good in professional pictures, especially if your big day is a daylight event. Highlighters have a tendency to enhance skin texture, which does not sit well with powder highlighters. A radiant and dewy look is recommended with NYX's Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator.

Smokey Eye sand Bold Lips

Subtle smokey eye makeup with a sleek liner and bold lip color is favorite among brides. The smokey eye look is classic. Nude lips Her nude lip, which compliments the smokey eye makeup perfectly but you can also go for bright and bold red lips. Smokey eye can sometimes be a bridal makeup essential so that there is a depth to the bride's eyes. This works well if all the other colors are toned down, and the only focus is the eyes and lips. We recommend you pair this up with a bright and bold lip color, something as complimenting your look at Maybelline's Bold Matte Lipstick. With a dewy finish and sharp-edged eyeliner, you are sure to give an elegant but bold bride's vibe.

A Soft Glam

Another highly preferred elegant look for a wedding is to pair softly highlighted cheekbones, contour, defined brows, and a brown eyeshade. It can be paired with your favorite shades of nude lip color. Brides often choose this look as it serves as an amazing opportunity to reflect on who they are. You can pair Maybelline's The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette to compliment your highlighter in the best way possible. From bold beige to sultry sands, you can match your personality with your shades and rock that sophisticated look on your big day.

A Glossy Look

Lastly, the best way to slay your outdoor wedding is to go with a glossy look for your big day. A glossy finish to your eye makeup combined with glowing lips and a popping highlighter will make you stand out like the star you are. This combination will complement your silk or satin dress for the day. We recommend you pair RMS Beauty Cream Eyeshadow with NYX's Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator further up the list to finish the look with a pop.


We asked the experts in the field of makeup about their input on bridal makeup's latest trends to follow. If you are aiming for a chic bride look in 2022, you should follow the latest trends in the field. The experts at AleuCo highly recommend that you make sure that to choose the style that suits your event timings and venue. You will only look elegant and only radiate good vibes on your big day. Make sure to check out our other blogs for tips and if you want your makeup to be handled by a professional, check out AleuCo for the best deals and tips.

<![CDATA[Winter Makeup Tips For Oily and Dry Skin for Natural Look]]>https://www.aleuco.com/post/winter-makeup-tips-for-oily-and-dry-skin-for-natural-look61d6a9ba1ce78900174deecbThu, 06 Jan 2022 08:54:56 GMTSudhir ShuklaThe fact that the sun sets before 5 p.m., itself is a drawback when it comes to maintaining healthy skin. But the long winter months allow you to explore gorgeous tones that would otherwise be too dark to wear in the colorful summer months. Furthermore, dry, flaky skin is a recurring issue that must be addressed. A few basic beauty suggestions: applying makeup when your skin is extremely dry or oily is possible, we have some tips from the very experienced AleuCo.’s makeup artist to assist you.

People have a lot of unanswered queries regarding makeup. Some people have oily skin, while others have dry skin and they seem to struggle to create the perfect look.

Winter Makeup Tips For Oily and Dry Skin

To save you from the hassle of going through the same experience again, here are winter-appropriate makeup ideas.

#1 Use Gentle Ingredients to Wash and Moisturize:

Choose a mild cleanser that eliminates makeup, tones, and cleanses without rinsing or allowing water to dry. Using an excellent moisturizer is certainly the last step before getting your makeup. "Products with hydrating and anti-inflammatory components to battle the flakiness and irritation that characterize winter skin," says Aleu Co.’s makeup artist. Whatever you use, make sure it's completely absorbed before applying makeup. This will help your skin stay soft and smooth, making it easier for you to apply makeup flawlessly, in the future.

#2 Select the Appropriate Foundation:

It's a guess-and-check technique to see what works for you as your skin changes. Work with thin layers and see what your skin requires, such as a few drops of facial oil/moisturizer in your foundation. It is a good way to start for people with dry skin.

Whether it's a CC cream that provides your skin a soft-focus effect while locking in moisture and relaxing redness, a BB cream with a built-in primer and up to 12 hours of staying power, or your foundation that you sheer out a bit with a tinted moisturizer, you should play with various products and see how your skin absorbs them throughout the day. Getting the application phase perfect is half the battle in achieving a great makeup look. Brushes and blenders are excellent choices to apply the right foundation. Apply foundation to your face using the bouncy blenders and the makeup sponge to mix and create coverage to your preferred level.

#3 Keep Your Smile Happy, Too:

Okay, we're not talking about your teeth, but it's necessary to exfoliate your lips to remove any dry, dead skin. Still on the moisturizing theme, lips can easily become dry and chapped just like your skin, so keep them in their best condition with lip balm. When wearing lipstick, put on a moisturizing lip balm to help the color spread and stay properly. Don't touch up with lipstick if your lips get dry while you're out having fun! “If you have opted for a romantic matte lip for a night out, instead of touching up with the lipstick you've used, which tends to get dry and flaky as the night goes on, apply a generous layer of tinted lip balminto your purse and touch up with it," Aleu Co.’s expert makeup artist advises.

#4 Wear Waterproof Mascara/Eye Shadow:

The usual cold, as well as cold wind, can make our eyes water. Make sure your eye make-up is tear-resistant so you don't end up with panda eyes when you're out and about in the winter. Not only that, make sure that the eye shadows that you use are waterproof too as it tends to get messy for people who have oily skin.

#5 Don’t Go Overboard on Other Makeup:

Because your skin is so sensitive and dry in the winter, it's best to reduce your product usage. On your cheeks, a little blush or bronzer would be enough. But the rosy redness from the chilly weather will go a long way naturally. Focus on your eyes, strong brows, and a simple eye shadow, like, one hue from your naked eye shadow palette.

#6 Make A Note Of It, But Don't Forget About It:

Setting spray is usually a good idea, but when you're attempting to hydrate, go for Hydration Spray which contains pomegranate and white tea leaf extracts, or Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray. Your makeup will no longer budge, and your skin will remain fresh all day.

All it takes is a little practice and a dash of bravery. AleuCo. is your one-stop for all your makeover needs. Aleu Co. ensures that your skin preferences are met and that you have a healthy glow. For special occasions such as a party or a wedding, Aleu Co. offers experienced party makeup artist services for assistance; you can also contact us via the internet.

<![CDATA[Makeup Tips That Will Help You Look Fabulous in Christmas Photos]]>https://www.aleuco.com/post/makeup-tips-that-will-help-you-look-fabulous-in-christmas-photos61c1629039b37200166f8898Tue, 21 Dec 2021 06:18:44 GMTSudhir ShuklaChristmas is just around the corner, and we can't wait to get glammed up and save the memories in photographs forever. When all your family and friends have gathered, you are inevitably going to take a lot of pictures. However, looking good in pictures is as important as looking good in person.

If you want to make sure you look your absolute best in the pictures, you need to follow a few makeup techniques. So, before clicking a few snaps, make sure your makeup looks as fabulous as it can.

Makeup Tips That Will Help You Look Fabulous

To help you achieve that perfect makeup, we have compiled a list of a few tips and tricks that you can follow. Let's get right into it!

#1 Don't Forget to Prime:

If in the past you have spent a huge chunk of your time applying makeup before a night out, only to find it smudged after some hours, you are missing out on one very crucial element. You might be among hundreds of other women who are making the mistake of not using a primer. Primers are very crucial in helping your makeup last longer.

It creates an extra layer between your skin and your makeup, serving as the insurance your makeup needs to stay put. It can take care of pores, fine lines, wrinkles, and even out the uneven tones on your skin. Christmas evenings last long hours with no time for you to touch up your makeup now and then, and that is exactly where a primer will help you by making your makeup stay put for over 8 hours!

#2 Use an HD Foundation:

Photos are taken from HD cameras, ones that most of our phones are now equipped with can easily expose blemishes, wrinkles, creases, and more. But on the other hand, thick and unnatural makeup is also obvious through HD cameras. This is where HD makeup comes in. Women are transitioning to HD foundations as they can help in covering up imperfections, providing a much even skin tone.

Matte or dewy, your desired finish can be accomplished using an HD foundation. It will also help other makeup products in settling much more smoothly on your face. They have a diverse range of shades and blend like none other. We recommend that you choose to go with HD foundation this Christmas for smoother pictures.

#3 Apply Powder Generously:

Learning how to apply the powder evenly can go a long way for makeup enthusiasts. If you're aiming for fabulous pictures this Christmas, a crisp and even complexion that lasts throughout the day is very important. Applying powder evenly is not as easy as one would expect. It can grab on oily areas on your face or collect in fine hair. If you have oily skin, refrain from caking on your oily areas just to soak up all the shine on your face.

Focus on precise powder application on your T-zone and lighter sweeps on drier areas. Regular skinned women can use a medium-sized powder brush for light sweeping across the whole face. On the other hand, we recommend dry-skinned women to focus on hydrating their skin before applying makeup and then using a medium-sized brush for lightly sweeping the powder across their face.

#4 Add a Little More Color to Your Face:

Here is where the fun part comes in! All women have different preferences when it comes to adding color to their faces. It may be a bronzer, a highlighter, a blush, or among the several dozens of other products they can choose from.

We think that contouring and highlighting is the best way to add a bit of extra color and definition to your face for your Christmas pictures. Furthermore, we also recommend women to check out and invest in bronzers and blushes. Blushes are the easier way to add color to your face, with cream blush being the go-to for winters. Lastly, go bold with your lip color; might we recommend red?

#5 Define Your Brows:

Lastly, the most complex area of the face; your brows! Good brows can make your makeup look heavenly just as fast as bad brows can ruin it. We highly recommend investing in a good eyebrow kit and making it an essential part of your everyday makeup.

Start by examining the natural shape of your eyebrows, find your arc and draw your brow, and finish by brushing it up. There are several eyebrow makeup guides that you can follow to get the perfect eyebrow for your Christmas look.

To Wrap it Up

Christmas is a very important time of the year, and we would hate for you not to look your absolute best in your Christmas photos. We have covered everything that you need to remember in your holiday makeup routine.

Make sure you follow these five steps to ensure that you get the best photos for the gram. If you want your makeup to be professionally done, then check Aleuco for the best deals!

<![CDATA[AleuCo: Your Covid Friendly Spa At Home]]>https://www.aleuco.com/post/aleu-co-your-covid-friendly-spa-at-home-160dca8f75d40f900153c3fd7Wed, 30 Jun 2021 17:33:58 GMTameliajaxon111Covid has made all of the prisoners inside our own homes. It’s made caring for yourself, away from home responsibilities a little difficult. This is not good, as it means that you aren’t getting enough me-time. Me-time, as we all know is quite important for not only our sanity but also our physical and mental well-being.

One way you can arrange a me-time for yourself is by creating an at-home spa. Confused? Don’t worry! We’ll walk you through all the wonders that you can create for an at-home COVID-friendly spa.

1. Purchase Skin Care Products

The first thing you have to do when creating your at-home spa is to make sure that you have all the skincare products you need. If You don’t know which products are essential, here’s a list to start you off:

If you’re a beginner for at-home spa days, then this list will get you started, until you figure out how you’d like to spend your spa days at home.

2. Purchase Spa Accessories

After you’ve got all the skincare products bought, now you need some accessories. Basic accessories include:

  • · Nail filers

  • · Jade rollers

  • · Face brushes

  • · Nail cutters

  • · A tub for manicure and pedicure

  • · Small towels

Once again this list will only start you off on the journey of creating your perfect at-home spa in these difficult COVID times.

3. Invite A Friend

What’s a spa day without a friend or two? Yes, even though it’s a pandemic and everything is on lockdown, you can have a spa date with your friends, as long as you take the proper precautions. Make sure they are sanitized, wearing masks, and vaccinated. Once they are in the house, keep your seats (the place where you’ll be housing your home spa) at a distance. Close enough that you can talk and have fun, but far enough that there is proper distance.

4. Music, Candles And Fairy lights

There’s no better way to set the mood than with music, candles, and fairy lights. While setting up your home spa, be sure to buy some sweet-smelling candles, place them around the room, and let their aroma fill the air. Turn off the lights and plug in the fairy lights to create a calmer visual, and put on some light music to get you into a more relaxed meditative mood.

Your Home Spa Is Ready!

Once you’ve followed all of these steps, your mini home spa, complete with COVID regulations is ready! Isn’t it neat? You can do anything you want in this space. Give yourselves facials, manicures, pedicures, hair massages, back massages, aromatherapy, music therapy, or just some regular laughter between friends. Or if you want none of this, then just soak your feet and hands in warm water, close your eyes and relax for a while. Have fun!

<![CDATA[5 Off-The-Runway Makeup Looks To Rock This Summer]]>https://www.aleuco.com/post/5-off-the-runway-makeup-looks-to-rock-this-summer60dc9840139e640015301b61Wed, 30 Jun 2021 16:29:24 GMTameliajaxon111This summer there is a different vibe in the fashion industry’s makeup department. All the brands let their inner artist out and got very creative. The way they set the stage this time was like a play coming to life, the makeup looks of each model were works of art.

The makeup looks were truly something spectacular and worthy of drooling over. Influencers and women all over the world are dying to copy and try out these innovative new looks and make them their own. If you aren’t up to date yet about the Off runway makeup looks to rock this summer yet then keep reading to see the top 5.

Top 5 Makeup Looks To Rock This Summer

1. Minimalist Is Best

The no-makeup look has made its’ nest and is here to stay. Minimalistic makeup is the best kind of makeup. The dewy look, with your face in its most natural outlook, is the best. After all its’ high time before we started appreciating our face, without the need for any other product.

2. The Liner And Lips Is All You Need

Marc Jacobs was one of the stylists that weaponized that black liner and red lipstick look. The cat eyes, the hooded lids, and sexy red lips is a powerhouse look. It shows the world that the future is female, and women are ready to take over. It’s simple yet unique in a way that it allows every woman to make them look their own.

3. Different Era Eyes Are All The Rage

One of the most famous runway makeup looks in the summer of 2021 is the different era eyes. All the most famous eras’ are being broadcasted on the eyes. Sounds gaudy? Trust us, it isn’t! These new makeup looks to take us back to all the fun times, through every era. From the Egyptian princess Cleopatra to the gogo girls of the ’70s, every makeup look that ever became famous is beautifully represented.

4. Tie-Dye And Pastel Eyes Are A True Thing Of Beauty

Another type of makeup look that’s all the rage is the Euphoria style. Glitter, teardrops, rainbows, tie-dyes, and stickers on the face, is a new and expressive fashion that has truly taken the fashion industry by storm. Many have thrown away traditional styles of makeup and adopted no-makeup looks with gorgeous, yet expressive eyes. Eyes are the windows to the souls, but makeup has truly made a representation of the soul that can’t be ignored.

5. Modern Sculptures Are The New Black

Last but certainly not least, is the modern sculpture makeup look. Architectural eyebrows, winged eyeliners with soft eyes, and bold lips are some of the most enigmatic makeup looks of the season. It’s both and bold and beautiful.

Final Thoughts

These looks are just the crème de la crème of makeup looks. If you don’t find your personality in these then you will in others. This summer is certainly going to be one to remember for us all

<![CDATA[Bridal Makeup Looks To Look Picture-Perfect On Your Special Day]]>https://www.aleuco.com/post/bridal-makeup-looks-to-look-picture-perfect-on-your-special-day60dc8da233bc9300156f6412Wed, 30 Jun 2021 16:06:13 GMTameliajaxon111Your wedding day is the one day, other than your birthday, that should be special. It is a day celebrating a new path in your life. A marriage. This day is special, and you should feel it too. One of the best ways to feel that specialness, is having the most gorgeous bridal makeup look.

This makeup look has to be picture perfect. Now picture perfect doesn’t mean looking like a porcelain doll. It means enhancing your features and bringing out all the beauty and strengths present within you. An ethereal beauty, an angel sent from heaven above.

Here are some top bridal makeup looks to help you achieve exactly that:

Mother Of Pearl

This look is perfect for those who want a pearly silvery glow. It highlights your cheekbones, the corners of both your eyes and the center of your lips. All of this is done with a diamond highlighter which gives off a very pearly, illuminated, and fresh look. Brides with this makeup look are something out of a fairy tale book.

Rose Gold

Sometimes the simplest of makeup is what takes the cake. A few strokes of blush, a hint of lipstick, and gorgeous rose gold eye shade are what this look demands. The work-up although simple creates a gorgeous visage. Something simple yet oh so elegant that even the most dastardly of critics would fawn over the bride wearing this makeup look.

Gold And Cat Eyes

One would think that cat eyes aren’t a good look for a wedding day. Those who think that aren’t exactly right. More that, it takes a certain eye shape and face shape to be able to pull off those subtle cat eyes. Pair them with gold eye makeup, and you’ve got a sexy makeup look that is picture perfect.

Subtlety Is Brown

If you’re in the mood to go completely old school then doing your makeup in shades of brown is a very good idea. Shades of brown, paired with a light lip shade, and mascara. This bride will be the talk of the town because traditional beauty, no matter how old school is still something to behold. There is a certain grace and dignity in the old and more base makeup looks, that the more modern makeup looks just can’t pull off.

A Wedding To Remember

Making your wedding day something to remember is your job. You need this day to be perfect, and the one way you can do that is by ensuring that your makeup is perfect. Pick any makeup look out of the above-mentioned ones, and you’re going to be okay.

Any of the makeup looks mentioned above will ensure that you look perfect on your wedding day. Each picture will have you as the star, and no guest will be able to take their eyes off of you. The photographers won’t even want to take anyone else’s picture. After all, it’s your day, and you are most certainly its star.

<![CDATA[How To Incorporate The Color Of The Year In Your Hair and Makeup]]>https://www.aleuco.com/post/how-to-incorporate-the-color-of-the-year-in-your-hair-and-makeup60dc8b615d40f900153c1d4fWed, 30 Jun 2021 15:24:58 GMTameliajaxon111Colors are such an important part of life. They bring life to an otherwise grey world. Since 2020, colors have truly exploded into everyday life. Our clothes, our shoes, our makeup, hair, accessories, and everything in between has a colorful method to its’ madness.

For a long time now, every year has been given a specific color according to the color spectrum. Fashion designers, makeup artists, and other creative choose this particular to offset the trends of the year. For the average person, here’s how you can easily incorporate the color of the year in your hair and makeup.

1. Rainbow Hair

Rainbow hair is quite a recent trend, and what a beautiful one it is! Your hair incorporates various colors that you love. However, to showcase the color of the year, you can choose that is the top color, and have a hidden rainbow effect underneath. Just ask your hairstylist, I’m sure he or she will easily help you out, and make this vision come true.

2. Full Coverage or Dip Dye Hair

Next on the list of incorporating the color of your hair is to either dip dye or do full coverage. This means that you either turn your hair, completely red ( color of the year) or do a balayage, or an ombre, or maybe just a dip dye. It’s up to you, and what suits you best. This is a great way to incorporate the color of the year, as it is a constant homage. Every person who passes you by, would immediately look at your hair, be able to pick you out from a sea of average colored heads.

3. Lips

Another way to incorporate colors is to put them on your lips. Go out and purchase the exact shade of color that is being celebrated this year. Use that lip shade as your go-to color all year, or at least on special occasions. People will notice, and it’ll be a nice homage as well.

4. SFX makeup

Special effects or SFX makeup is one of the best ways to incorporate colors. You can easily use any color in the world as your base and create a legend on your face or body. Your skin and hair are your canvas, and the color of the year, your muse. You could be a blue alien from avatar or green like Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy, depending of course on what color this year is being celebrated.

5. Solid Eye Makeup

Last but not least is eye makeup. Pick the color of the year and use it to decorate your eyes. The eyes are the windows of the soul after all. There is no better way to successfully celebrate color than with your eyes.

Final Thoughts!

These are just the top few ways that you can incorporate the color of the year into your hair and makeup. There are so many other ways, all you have to is open your mind and heart to let your imagination run wild.