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Bridal Makeup Looks To Look Picture-Perfect On Your Special Day

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Your wedding day is the one day, other than your birthday, that should be special. It is a day celebrating a new path in your life. A marriage. This day is special, and you should feel it too. One of the best ways to feel that specialness, is having the most gorgeous bridal makeup look.

This makeup look has to be picture perfect. Now picture perfect doesn’t mean looking like a porcelain doll. It means enhancing your features and bringing out all the beauty and strengths present within you. An ethereal beauty, an angel sent from heaven above.

Here are some top bridal makeup looks to help you achieve exactly that:

Mother Of Pearl

This look is perfect for those who want a pearly silvery glow. It highlights your cheekbones, the corners of both your eyes and the center of your lips. All of this is done with a diamond highlighter which gives off a very pearly, illuminated, and fresh look. Brides with this makeup look are something out of a fairy tale book.

Rose Gold

Sometimes the simplest of makeup is what takes the cake. A few strokes of blush, a hint of lipstick, and gorgeous rose gold eye shade are what this look demands. The work-up although simple creates a gorgeous visage. Something simple yet oh so elegant that even the most dastardly of critics would fawn over the bride wearing this makeup look.

Gold And Cat Eyes

One would think that cat eyes aren’t a good look for a wedding day. Those who think that aren’t exactly right. More that, it takes a certain eye shape and face shape to be able to pull off those subtle cat eyes. Pair them with gold eye makeup, and you’ve got a sexy makeup look that is picture perfect.

Subtlety Is Brown

If you’re in the mood to go completely old school then doing your makeup in shades of brown is a very good idea. Shades of brown, paired with a light lip shade, and mascara. This bride will be the talk of the town because traditional beauty, no matter how old school is still something to behold. There is a certain grace and dignity in the old and more base makeup looks, that the more modern makeup looks just can’t pull off.

A Wedding To Remember

Making your wedding day something to remember is your job. You need this day to be perfect, and the one way you can do that is by ensuring that your makeup is perfect. Pick any makeup look out of the above-mentioned ones, and you’re going to be okay.

Any of the makeup looks mentioned above will ensure that you look perfect on your wedding day. Each picture will have you as the star, and no guest will be able to take their eyes off of you. The photographers won’t even want to take anyone else’s picture. After all, it’s your day, and you are most certainly its star.


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