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Aimee Nguyen


We are always dedicated to show our clients that an appointment with AleuCo is not just getting makeup and hair done, it's a time to define and enhance your features. It's a time to try to take that vision you have of your ideal look a reality.





We have different experience levels of artists available to fit your budget but we do not pick and choose easily. They are top of their class and here at AleuCo we always follow the quality vs quantity rule.

Amy Freudenberg

Amy Freudenberg

Amy Freudenberg’s 19 year career in the hair industry spans fashion, film, and editorial.  Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Amy’s career began at Paramount Pictures where she worked as a stylist in the television division. Since then, she has styled a number of celebrity clients and is a veteran photo stylist specializing in creative upstyles and fast finishing. Today, she continues to be in demand with top editorial and fashion photographers. Amy is a three time nominee for the professional beauty industry’s highest honor, a nomination for North American Hairstylist of the Year (NAHA) in the editorial category and texture categories.