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Updated: Apr 15, 2022

2021 has been a year of not so many ups and an overwhelmingly many numbers of downs. One of the few good things to come out of this year is the amount of completely unpredictable beauty trends that have sprung up in its wake.

No one from 2020 could have predicted the dramatic turns that the beauty industry has taken, but the good thing? They’re not negative turns beauty and fashion lovers are eager to take on these trends and set the world ablaze –not literally. So here’s our take on the 5 beauty trends that are predicted to be huge in the year 2022.

#1 Shag Haircuts:

With everyone stuck indoors for over a year, there’s been no outward influence on fashions, which has driven fashion icons to dive into the trends of decades past. The 70’s shag haircut is back with a vengeance. This haircut has already been seen on celebrities such as Miley Cyrus. Bobs and layers have been all the rage in 2021, and this has evolved into one super trend: the shag.

#2 80’s Eyeshadow:

Like we’ve mentioned, this year is all about digging up the good things from the past, so here we go with bold, vibrant 80’s inspired eye shadow that will add a flair to the most simple of outfits. These dramatic makeup looks will ensure that no one pays attention to the graphic tee that you’re wearing for the fourth time that week.

#3 Light Accessories:

The past year has been all about hoodies, messy buns, simple ponytails, and a bunch of other go to hairstyles that take moments to create. Now that we’re all somewhat adjusted to quarantine and this seems to be the new reality for some time, let’s take it a step further. Use clips, pins, and bands that will show clearly on zoom meetings to add a little bit of spice to the mix.

#4 Bold Lips:

People barely even paid attention to how they looked amidst such hectic times, but now that they are finally going away, it’s time to get back on the street. Well, not literally on the streets, but you can always rock a pair of bold lips on your next virtual meeting, right? Try out different colors for your bold lips and make them become the biggest trends in 2022.

#5 Money Piece Highlights:

Last year was all about dyeing parts of your hair instead of the whole head to frame the face with highlights. This year is predicted to be somewhat the same, but with a twist. Instead of the two face framing strands, the attention goes to dyeing chunks of your hair to give it multiple chunky highlights. Public figures such as Kate Middleton and Beyoncé are already rocking this look. It’s all about make slight and subtle changes that will alter your whole look.

Hair and eyes are going to be the focus of it all this year because the rest of our faces are hidden from the eyes of the onlooker, so who are we to fight


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