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5 Tips To Pull Of Red Lipstick

The years come and go, and so do different trends changing up many categories as we know them. Makeup trends are no different either. Every year, we see amazing new makeup trends that change the game for the year. However, one thing that never goes out of style is red lipstick. Red lipstick has been in vogue for ages and has been loved by makeup enthusiasts, endorsed by celebrities too. The classic item takes your lookup by several levels without even having to do much. Here are 5 tips to pull off red lipstick.

#1 The Classic Red Lips and Simple Eye Makeup:

When the topic of the discussion is red lipstick, one can’t miss the classic red lips and simple eye makeup look. All you have to do is keep your eyes free of any heavy makeup, maybe just a swipe of mascara would be fine. Then, go for your perfect shade of red lipstick and keep the spotlight on your lips. Simple and effortless, anyone can pull this off easily.

#2 Bold Makeup Look with Red Lips:

Who says that you only have to go for a balanced makeup look to wear red lipstick? While the simple eyes and bold lips create a calm yet confident tone, going all out with your makeup look will blow everyone away. Go for a heavily lined eye makeup and a generous swipe of mascara to make your eyes pop, or a smokey eye, and top it off with red lipstick to show that you are no one to mess about.

#3 Glossy Eyes and Glossy Lips:

If you wish for something eye catching but nothing too dramatic, here is an idea that you might like.

Give your eyes a glossy touch with eye gloss, or with Vaseline if you don’t wanna spend it on eye gloss. Paint your lips red and layer it with some clear gloss, or simply go for red lip gloss to create a look that is beautifully soft yet strong.

#4 Blush as Red As Your Lips:


an’t find the right blush to match your wonderful red lipstick? Here is a tip. Use the same lipstick on your cheeks! All you have to do is simply smudge and blend the same red lipstick on your cheeks and you are good to go. The perfect match can also be a handy tip for when you are running short on time and want to set your makeup look on point.

#5 Make A Statement on Your Wedding Day:

While the usual wedding makeup looks focus on a lighter color for the lips, you can always tweak things up a little and make a statement on your wedding day. After all, it is your big day, and the red lips will be an amazingly sharp and gorgeous contrast with the white dress.

Red lipstick is an effortless way to set the mood when dressing up. With these 5 tips to pull off red lipstick, elevate your look, and remember, you can pull it off best with confidence!


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