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Makeup Hacks: Know Basic Makeup Tips and Tricks You Can Do at Your Home!

Visiting the salon is a hassle that most people don’t want to go through for functions. Traveling alone would waste a lot of your time which means knowing a bit about make-up can save you time as well. For this, you’ll have to all the tips and tricks about makeup. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional, these tips will be the kind of hacks you never knew you needed.

We’ve gathered some of the most trending and useful tips and tricks for basic and natural makeup.

The primer should go with the foundation

Primer is a life saver for girls who use makeup in their daily lives. If it doesn’t go hand in hand with your foundation, it wouldn’t blend easily. Make sure that it goes amazingly with your foundation so you can have a lovely base finishing.

Spoon for mascara

This is a major hack for beginners that will make blending the makeup pretty easy. Use a spoon to put on your mascara with careful precision. This way it wouldn’t be found on your lids. Sometimes doing something delicately like applying mascara can leave your hands seeming shaky. This can ruin all the eye makeup you’ve done before applying your mascara, making them black and runny. Just place a spoon above your eyelid and run the mascara across your eyelashes. You’ll be done in half a minute.

Concealer on eyelids

For brown girls, it’s a struggle to have dark under-eyes along with dark eyelids. This always tempts us to cover both of them with a concealer or foundation. While putting on a layer of concealer or foundation on your under-eyes can be a good choice, you shouldn’t do this with your eyelids. This would completely ruin your eye makeup, making it creasy. The creases will eventually appear after some time of putting on the concealer or foundation.

Heat-up eyelash curler

Have a problem with your eyelash curler not having a lasting effect on your eyelashes? Just curl up the tool with a hair dryer by blasting hot air on it. However, you should be careful when you apply it to your eyelashes. You don’t want your lashes to get burned. Just wait a bit for the curler to get cool and then curl your lashes with it. Just like a curling wand heats up to curl our hair for a long time, the same goes for this eyelash curler. That’s how you’ll get a great eyelash curler for yourself.

Avoid peach fuzz

Most of us have small hairs on our faces. When applying foundation do it in a downward stroke. If you do it in an upward stroke, it will change the direction of all the hairs, giving you a peach fuzz look. This would create texture on your face from the foundation. Make sure you do all of this with absolute care by using your fingertips to blend the foundation more nicely. Fingertips are better than a brush or even a beauty blender when applying foundation.

Final Words:

When you’re a makeup beginner, you have no idea what to do with all these things. You’ll have to be open to all options and tricks to make it easier for you to apply makeup. All of the basic makeup tips and tricks mentioned above are the best ways you can apply makeup to yourself. This would lead to a lot of essential learning that is not only for beginners but professionals as well. Hope these basic makeup tips and tricks are a huge help for you.

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