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Okay, okay. We totally get it. Tiny needles rolling all across your face is a tad bit frightening. No worries - we are here to ease your worries and fill you in on the glorious benefits of microneedling. Dermarolling a.k.a microneedling is definitely less terrifying than it sounds. It's a skincare method that's been known and loved for years. We see our favorite celebs do it - we heard the fabulous transformations from this non-surgical secret. It's becoming more popular. Women and men have been searching for techniques like this more and are learning the various benefits it has to offer.

All About It

So... what exactly is microneedling? Let us break it down for you. It's a roller with fine needles. Merely rolling it across your skin creates micro-sized puncture wounds in the epidermis (the skin's top layer).

What does this do? The intentional damage initiates the body's natural healing process. This means white blood cells are