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10 Magical Wedding Makeup Looks for Your Big Day

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

magical wedding looks

There are so many updated makeup styles, alternative makeover trends to pick from. So it can be tough to choose the appropriate wedding makeup look for your special day. To save you from the hassle, AleuCo has compiled a list of the stunning makeup trends for different brides to make your big day a little easier to plan.

Here are Top 10 Wedding Makeup Looks in 2022

1. No Makeup Wedding Look

The no makeup wedding look has become one of the most preferred looks among brides. If you want to look simple, attractive, and stunning, this is the way to go. On your wedding day, let your inner beauty come through. To indicate that you are gorgeous, you do not need to wear a lot of cosmetics. Natural and clean makeup looks are now more valued and cherished than ever before.

2. Natural Wedding Look

Something you don't need on your wedding day is to be concerned about the makeup, also if it will stay, smell fresh, and look as good as it did when you first put it on. Natural makeup mostly focuses on shiny, dewy skin type and also neutral colored eye shadows; great for assuring all-day wearability. Nudesshades of lips on your wedding day would mean no colored smearing after your ceremony it won't be apparent if you can't touch it up frequently.

3. Extravagant Wedding Look

You can always achieve a romantic makeup look for your wedding while making a statement. Use thick long lashes with eyeliner with smoky dark tones for a more dramatic look. To make your eyes pop, use a pencil-liner in the waterline area. For small looking eyes, opt for eyeliner in liquid form with a tiny wing to help the eyes to look longer. Pick a nude shade of lip to keep with the dramatic motif, as a bold lip can be a little too dramatic.

4. Full-of-Glam Wedding Look

A magnificent bridal style will elevate your wedding ensemble by emphasizing your best features most appealingly. You can try keeping your eyebrows clean and also natural, and your eyes bright. Apply a good amount of mascara to both sides of your lashes, and don't scare away applying artificial eyelashes if you have shorter lashes. For someone who’s looking for a much soft yet stunning look, one can utilize a copper colored eye pencil to add texture to the upper lash line and blend it well this way line isn't harsh. To achieve a seamless look, make sure you coordinate the lip, cheeks, and eye shadow colors.

5. Smokey Eye looks for the Wedding

For your special day, you can accomplish romantic smoky makeup without the overall look being too messy or black. Build a darker shade on the outer side of the eye and a lighter shade on the eyelid with a charcoal grey palette. If ashy hues aren't your thing or don't suit your skin tone, go for sensual plum tints instead, and you'll still be able to pull off the smoky look.

6. Exclusive Red Wedding Lips Look

A red lip has always been a beauty staple since it is timeless and classic. This particular look is a sure-shot way to pull off a magnificent wedding look. It is an excellent option if you are looking for a daring, modern style.

7. Classic Wedding Look

A classic makeup look is ideal for your very special wedding day since it is elegant, timeless. Simple eye makeup with velvety browns and, depending on your eye shape, a clean-cut eyeliner will help you achieve this look. Try a dark brown eyeliner instead of black, paired with rose-pink lipstick, to soften the appearance even further.

8. Beach Wedding Look

Everyone fantasizes about having a beach wedding. With the dewy makeup and bronzed tone of the skin with a nude lip of cool undertone gloss for the ideal beach babe look. To achieve a sun-kissed complexion, use a dewy primer which will help you to prepare the skin. With champagne eye shadow, keep brows bushy and natural.

9. Winter Wedding Look

Because winter is known for drying up your skin, make sure it's hydrated, prepared, and covered with a foundation type whether it is liquid or cream. Additionally, a bold and bright lip on the special day of your wedding will add more glitz to your look — for the best winter color, try for plum, berry, and red wine tones. Allow the lipstick by keeping the lids simple and not too dramatic.

10. Boho Wedding Look

Boho bridal makeup is the most romantic look for the big day, and it's also the easiest to do. Priming skin with an illuminator for a bright, radiant base will keep it dewy and natural. To keep your makeup simple, apply pastel rose lipstick. Match your eye shadow to the colors in the flower arrangement if you are wearing a floral crown.

Now that you know the ten different makeup styles, you can confidently look your best on your big day. AleuCo ensures that their services are affordable and that they fulfill your skin's requirements with the most trendy makeup look. Wait no more and contact AleuCo for an appointment now!

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