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The 5 Best Full Coverage Foundations

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Right lipstick, right eye shadow, perfect highlighters, and blush but everything seems so not good when you do not have the foundation right. The full coverage foundations are the basis of your overall makeup and if you get that wrong, everything else seems to fall apart. So it is very important to get the foundation of the right color and texture according to your skin. Today we shall be looking at the 5 best full coverage foundations that serve the purpose right.

This incredible full coverage foundation by L’Oreal Paris is a miracle for all. It is one of the top foundations that work wonders. The velvety texture is perfect for all types of skin, especially acne-prone skin. The finish is terrific, it's matte but looks very natural on your skin. Choose the right shade for your skin color and get the maximum coverage for up to 12 hours.

This marvelous product of Huda Beauty is always running out of stock due to its high demand and extremely perfect full coverage. People love this foundation as it is perfect to conceal blemishes, scars, and hyperpigmentation. You will require a very small amount of this faux filter foundation to cover your face. It has a beautiful floral fragrance too if you like good-smelling products. Get this amazing foundation now for your lovely skin.

This amazing full coverage foundation by Bobbi Brown is perfect for oily skin as it has powder minerals to absorb excess oil. It gives your skin a perfect finish without making your face shiny. It will not leave your foundation like a mask; it will give you a natural look and its matte formula that stays for a long time on your skin. Get your hands on this awesome long-wear weightless foundation to glam up your looks.

Urban Decay’s All-Nighter Liquid Foundation is an all-nighter foundation or may stay longer on your skin. This incredible foundation gives your skin full coverage and a matte finish. It has a high pigmented formula that goes a long way. So if you are planning to go for a long party, get your makeup done after using this magical All-Nighter liquid foundation by Urban Decay.

Dior’s best full-coverage foundation to date is the Forever Undercover foundation. It gives your skin the coverage you want with a touch of luminous finish. It is a water-based and lightweight foundation that covers the blemishes and hyperpigmentation perfectly up to 24 hours.

These were the 5 best full coverage foundations that work wonders on your skin. Foundation is an essential product in the makeup process and one must choose the right one to enhance their looks. Wrong foundations can make your skin dry and it even looks like a mask sometimes. So choose the best ones from above according to your skin color.


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