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Unique Items for Your Wedding Welcome Bag

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

So, your guests have to travel for your wedding, eh? Or maybe you have guests coming from out of town to attend your wedding ceremony? Either way, you’ll want to welcome them and show some appreciation in the best wat possible.

Unfortunately, it is practically impossible to welcome each of your guests one-on-one. The issue thus becomes how best to express your appreciation. Fortunately, there are a number of you could say welcome to your wedding guests without having to meet them individually. One of these ways is the distribution of wedding welcome bags.

Why wedding welcome bags, though? The answer is quite simple. Wedding welcome bags are a great and proven way to make your guests feel loved and welcomed to your event. Additionally, the content of the bag can come in handy during their stay. Wondering what items to include in your wedding welcome bag? Look no further than here. Written below is a list of unique items you should include in your welcome bag.

· An assortment of local items

There is going to be a whole lot of peculiar items in your wedding location that your guests could find exciting and enjoyable, depending on where your wedding is taking place. A great idea is to include some of the best-known products in the bag, ranging from edibles like snacks or drinks to beauty products. It all depends on your preference, of course.

· Toiletries

Yeah, toiletries are also quite important. The hotel management may provide some essential toiletries for your guests but chances are not much will be provided. This makes the inclusion of toiletries very thoughtful and will be quite helpful to your guests. You should also consider including other useful items like sewing kits, aspirin or candles. Here’s a tip: Whatever you put in the bags should better their comfort and wellbeing.

· The paper works

Paper works could include almost anything. A welcome note to a city map or an itinerary containing the lineup of events, locations, time and even dress code for the events. You could also include any other information you may consider necessary. This will make things easier for your guests and also help your ceremony move smoothly.

Once you’ve figured out how best to welcome your wedding guests, you should also consider the makeup aspect of your wedding preparations. Aleu.Co has all it takes to make you and your guests look astonishingly beautiful for your wedding.

Contact us today at for your bridal makeup session and a makeup session for your bridesmaids; the same goes for other guests who might require the services of a professional makeup artist.

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